8 Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy While You’re Self-Isolating

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Written By Mandy Bular / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

During the isolation period, it is easy to just fall back to bad routines, become self-destructive, and just overeat, and oversleep. But this period should be taken as a new reality that will surely pass. It can be transformed into an opportunity to get back to yourself and find again your core. If you have a fully equipped home gym, you are lucky! If you can make one, do it sooner rather than later. Having a space in your home that is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle will inspire you to be more positive. It will also help you set achievable goals for the future. 

Create a daily routine

It is important to stay calm and content during these challenging times. One of the most reassuring things for both children and adults is routine and predictability. It helps us maintain a sense of order, meaning, and control over the situation.

Include daily activities such as work, learning, exercise, and caring for a healthy diet in your routine. Stay connected to your loved ones. Use the phone and video calls, and social networks to stay in touch. Communicate with neighbors, relatives, and friends about how they spend time.

Limit news coverage

Excessive exposure to the news about the virus can increase feelings of fear and anxiety. Avoid sources that report in a sensationalist manner and publish exclusively negative aspects of the situation. It is enough to check the new information three to five times a day or watch one of the television news shows, but don’t be constantly active online.

It's important to balance time spent on the Internet with activities like cooking, light reading, listening to music, and physical exercise. Watch movies, series, and interesting documentaries, read something interesting and enjoyable, solve puzzles, or play board games.


Relaxation can be achieved by performing various relaxation techniques, and you can access them online - for example via YouTube. Pets can also be an important source of emotional support and reassurance. In times of social distance, isolation or quarantine, it is important that we stay healthy, and fit.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Provide adequate sleep, a balanced diet, and physical activity. If you can, go outdoors once every few days for a short period of time. But always follow recommendations of the medical profession - not in groups, not in areas where there are too many people, etc.

Do short exercises

If you don’t know how to begin your training routine at home, start with some light exercising. You can do a few squats anytime during the day or even try the popular Five Tibetans Rites exercise in the morning. Start your day feeling fresh and balanced. Physical activity will very effectively protect us from anxiety and mood disorders.


Yoga exercises guarantee the preservation of a cheerful spirit, flexibility and a sense of peace. To begin with, it is necessary to learn a few less complicated exercises. Over time you will improve the performance, and plan the training according to your needs.

Jumping rope

With a jumping rope, you can easily exercise at home with some music. This type of training is as effective as running, as it activates all your muscles. This exercise is great for releasing all that excess energy that is built up in your body. Try doing it in the evening, and you will soon feel how all the stress from the day is leaving your body.

Mobile coach in your pocket

Most apps offer you pre-designed workouts by category. The exercises are presented with graphical, video and sometimes audio instructions. Choose the intensity of exercises that suits your fitness level and get yourself inspired. Plan your training sessions in advance and soon you will have an activity in your daily routine that you will be excited about. If you have a home gym, you will be able to create a full training program that completely suits your needs.

Full body stretch

Stretching is an important step between sedentary and an active lifestyle. It maintains muscle flexibility, prepares us for movement, and helps us withstand daily changes to our physical condition – from complete inactivity to intense workout. Every major training session should start by stretching.

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