3 Ways A Daily Yoga Practice Helps Healthy Weight Loss

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Written By Finnegan Pierson / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

One of the hardest processes in life is maintaining a healthy weight. It's hard enough to police your calorie intake, but it can be even more difficult to find a physical activity to continuously undertake.

This is where yoga can come into play. Yoga may be easy to laugh at, but it's a well-proven method for increasing bodily and mental wellness.

It involves spiritual, mental and physical practices that appeal to everyone. Bodily fitness won't determine whether you can practice.

There are several different levels of difficulty involved. Anyone can take up yoga!

If you're unsure as to whether it's right for you, here are three ways that yoga helps healthy weight loss.

1. Burn Calories with daily yoga

The most direct way yoga helps weight loss is through a basic method - simply burning calories! Yoga may not be the most cardio-based athletic activity, but it is one that requires physical exertion.

The amount of exertion can vary between practices. Ones like vinyasa and ashtanga involve more physical work than others.

There are several poses you can do in your own practice that necessitate substantial effort. Once you get more advanced, you can begin harder practices that take a high level of physical prowess.

The key to this is keeping your yoga practices on a regular schedule. Doing one physical session and then taking a week off as a reward is counterproductive.

The weight you lost will come back fairly quickly. If you want a faster method, you may consider using a supplemental fat burner along with your practice. Taking a supplement while continuing your exercise will put you on the right path.

It's important to keep in mind that you should start slow. Let your strength and flexibility build up over time! Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself.

2. Reduce Stress with daily yoga

Yoga is known for its calming effect. It involves several stress-relieving techniques, and the combination results in a highly soothing experience.

One aspect yoga utilizes is the basic act of continuous movement. This movement involves both the body and the breath.

Studies show that exercise can help to improve your mood. By keeping in motion you are also giving your mind something to focus on.

This brings us to another aspect of yoga that reduces stress - the ability to focus the mind. Many yoga practices institute a breathing pattern that takes focus to continue.

They also bring the user through a specific thought process. A yoga student will be asked to keep a specific thing or energy in mind the whole time.

Controlling the breath adds to the lessening of anxiety. Think of how deep breaths are used to get rid of butterflies in your stomach.

The final calming aspect of yoga is its relaxation component. Yoga involves meditation, which clears the mind and relaxes the body.

You may be wondering how reducing stress can assist weight loss. In one regard it helps the mind's resolve and determination to make a change.

In a more scientific regard, studies have shown that chronic stress produces a protein that slows your fat metabolism.

3. Increase Mindfulness with daily yoga

Mindfulness is another important mindset that yoga enhances. Most yoga practices encourage the student to be conscious of themselves or others.

It introduces unique thought processes and the ability to understand yourself. The practice of meditation alone involves deep inner speculation.

Consciousness of oneself is a substantial boon to anyone attempting a weight loss regiment. It allows you to acknowledge your bad habits, as well as the best methods for dissuading them.

Mindfulness also helps you understand how your body works. This allows for a more successful and efficient weight loss journey.

It may seem like a considerable time commitment, but practicing yoga daily is bound to help your weight loss. If the physical exertion is too much, you can consider alternating between difficult and calming practices.

Yoga has helped multitudes of people lead healthier lives, so keep it in mind when creating a weight loss regiment!

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