What Is Zedoary?

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So often we are introduced to herbs and plants that we are unfamiliar with. For years and years there has been a plethora of important and beneficial roots and leaves that have astounding medicinal and healing properties that weren't widely known.

This continues to be the case in many different instances. The plant Zedoary, also known as Curcuma zedoaria, is often called white turmeric. If you are familiar with turmeric at all, you know that it is incredibly effective for many different ailments as a natural anti-inflammatory aide.

Zedoary is indigenous to India and Indonesia. It's largely not used in western culture as many of us here use ginger for similar issues.

Zedoary Powder

The main way that zedoary is used is as a powder. This powder can be used for a whole host of things. If you are dealing with any type of digestive issue, whether that be indigestion or loss of appetite, this powder can help. Just a spoonful of zedoary taken with water will help to alleviate any heartburn that you may be experiencing. In ancient times it was often taken after meals as a way to prevent stomach troubles.

Zedoary For Anxiety
Another helpful aspect of this root is that it can be used for stress and anxiety. Many people find it increasingly difficult to get the support and rest that would help them better deal with all of the responsibilities that they have. Zedoary can help with that. A teaspoon of the powder taken in the morning and at night can help those who suffer from nervousness, anxiety and trouble concentrating.

Zedoary For Inflammation

Much like its sister root turmeric, zedoary is also a powerful anti-inflammation aide. So if you are dealing with any type of joint pain or suffer from a chronic condition then you should definitely look into the use of this root. It can heal your body's propensity for inflammation from the outside in.

Ingesting a tablespoon of this root once a day will help your body to fight off the inclination to become inflamed at various times of the day. For those who typically struggle with conditions like arthritis or rheumatism, this is a root that can provide you with some much needed relief. You can also use the powder topically and externally if you don't want to ingest it.

By making a paste with the powder, you can then apply it to various parts of your body that are in pain. Apply the paste in a thick layer and leave it there for at least 20 minutes before washing it off. This gives it time to properly seep into your skin and the properties to work where they are needed most. Zedoary is powerful and should be more widely known and used as a method of healing and pain management.

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