Orris Root For Skin And Hair

orris-root-powderOrris root is well known in the fragrance industry as it is used in perfumes for its very pleasant and subtle scent. However, like many roots, plants and seeds, it has powerful and positive benefits far beyond how it smells. In fact, this root has fundamental healing and medicinal qualities. It is known to be a great way to purify the blood and stimulate the glands. Far beyond the positive ways that it can affect internal health, it is also incredibly helpful for your skin and hair. Here is exactly how.

Provides Shine

One of the ways that healthy hair is determined is by the luster that it has. Hair should be naturally shiny without appearing greasy and lifeless. With orris root oil, the elements within the root provide a natural shine that doesn't look too oily or leave the hair limp. Only a few drops of the oil are necessary and they go a long way in providing your hair with a glowing shine that actually lasts. Shine is also indicative of health as hair that is properly nourished and hydrated shines in a way that dry hair does not.

Cleans Scalp

The overall health of the hair is maintained predominately by your scalp. The scalp essentially dictates when and how the hair grows and how healthy it will be when it does. It's important you take care of the hair that is already on your head by making sure it's moisturized and hydrated, but it's also important to maintain a healthy, clean scalp. Orris root oil does this. Just a couple of drops rubbed into your scalp will help both clean and fortify it.

Purify Your Skin

While cleansing your skin is imperative for a healthy and vibrant face, because of how delicate the skin can be, it must also be purified. Orris root has the ability to purify the skin. This means that it will eliminate much of what negatively affects the skin that other oils and facial cleansers can't. Free radicals, dander, pollen, and the smallest particles that can take refuge on the face - orris oil wipes them right away. The properties within the oil can also help to give you smoother skin. This will result in glowing skin that is smooth to the touch. It will look youthful and radiant in appearance.


If you are suffering from hyperpigmentation or any other type of skin discoloring, this may be a great oil for you to keep on hand. Most people deal with discoloration on their skin. This can be incredibly difficult as you want your tone to be smooth and uniform. Discoloration can make things look uneven and unnatural. This can be the cause of anguish or self consciousness for some. This oil helps to properly even out the skin tone and have your skin appear all one color. This oil can even be used on the dark spots of your knees or elbows. Just a couple of drops of orris root oil and you'll be on your way to improved skin pigmentation.

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