Hyperpigmentation: 5 Natural Remedies

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Skin issues are much more varied than some of us may realize. While we hear a lot about acne or visible pores or aging, we sometimes don't hear about the other ways in which the skin can visibly suffer. Hyperpigmentation is the appearance of unevenly colored skin, excess melanin or darkened patches of skin, that are the accumulation of dead skin cells or built up toxins.

The prevalence of hyperpigmentation is much more common than some realize. Sometimes affected areas are on various parts of the body, however, the appearance of the darkened spots around the neck and on the face are the most noticeable and often times embarrassing. Thankfully, there are ways in which to lighten these darkened areas of skin.

Milk And Honey

This is one of the safest and most soothing ways to treat hyperpigmentation. Honey is an antimicrobial which helps to clean the surface of the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. Milk is used because of the lactic acid in it, which aids in lessening the appearance of the culmination of the cells. These two ingredients together make for a calming treatment that is both gentle and effective in lessening darkened skin.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is known as the skin vitamin as it helps and aids a multitude of skin issues. One of the most popular uses is for dryness. The way that hyperpigmentation forms is sometimes contingent on the level of dryness that the skin is susceptible to.

So those who struggle with dry skin may also suffer from darkened, unsightly skin patches as well. The moisture that is restored in skin, that receives consistent amounts of vitamin E, is definitely advantageous to the correction and lightening of the spots.


This root, which was discovered in India, has astonishing lightening properties for both skin and teeth. Oddly enough, the yellow powdery substance has staining effects if it contacts clothing or countertops. But on skin and teeth it has the opposite effect.

Adding the turmeric root to a soothing face mask, and making sure to focus on problem areas, will have your hyperpigmentation lightening over time. The key with this is consistency is to make sure to do this on a regular basis.


This is one of the most effective agents to use on darkened skin as the excess melanin production is directly affected by the acid in the citrus fruit. Lemon is a natural astringent and will help lighten the face without harmful and harsh chemicals and additives.

Hyperpigmentation does sometimes cause free radicals to build up on the skin. Lemon will neutralize them immediately while also giving the skin much needed hydration that it craves.

Castor Oil

This oil is used for the reduction of inflammation. Because of its anti inflammatory properties, it prevents the melanin production from continuing to accelerate. It's recommended, specifically, for the type of hyperpigmentation that can sometimes be the result of acne scaring.

The oil is deeply antiseptic, which allows it to fight against and correct germs that are harmful and harsh to the skin. 

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