When Should You Get A Dental Filling?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

The most common reason for a dental filling is a cavity in the tooth. A cavity forms when the enamel of the tooth is worn away and a hole is created, leaving the inner parts of the tooth exposed.

Other times a dental filling might be used is when a tooth is chipped or broken, which can occur not only through enamel deterioration but also from trauma including grinding or clenching of the teeth. The filling material can also be used to cover weakened teeth as needed, in the form of a crown or veneer, to add strength to the teeth and protect the enamel from wearing away.

Worn enamel and dental fillings

As the enamel in a tooth wears down it can be eaten away completely and then a cavity forms. Cavities are holes that appear in the enamel and leave the inner layers of the tooth exposed to the environment.

This can cause pain and weakens the tooth, leaving it susceptible to breaking. It may even require an extraction if the cavity is allowed to get big enough or the tooth breaks in ways that can not be repaired.

When a small cavity forms it is important to have it cleaned and filled to restore a barrier between the environment and the inner tooth and revive the strength of the tooth that is lost due to the cavity.

Broken teeth and dental fillings

If a cavity grows, or if there is trauma suffered by the tooth, it may break either by losing a small chip or a larger break that can expose the inner tooth. Trauma is most often obtained through sports, or by grinding or clenching of the teeth that weaken them and create breakage.

A small chip can often be repaired with a filling material, as a cavity is repaired, and shaped to look as the tooth did before and return the correct bite alignment. To have the correct alignment for eating, chewing and biting, it is important to avoid further damage as the pressure is not equal with an incorrect meeting of the teeth.

Dental fillings are also used after a root canal to seal the tooth and protect it from food particles getting inside the tooth and eating it away from within. This filling will restore some strength to the tooth but it will be more likely to become damaged or broken without the strength provided by the root system and nerves within.

Rebuild damaged tooth with dental fillings

Dental fillings are used to repair the teeth when they require a root canal, when they are damaged thorough trauma, broken, or when a cavity has formed. The filing is created with metal amalgam or with a porcelain mixture to resemble the teeth around it.

It is installed under local anesthesia to repair the tooth and seal it against the environment. It is important to rebuild the strength of a damaged tooth to avoid tooth loss through increased damage, and to attempt to avoid the need for fillings when possible. A tooth that has been repaired will not return to its original strength.  

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