4 Tips To Prepare Your Child For Their First Root Canal

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Even for adults, the idea of getting a root canal can be somewhat intimidating. For a child, then, a root canal may seem downright scary. As a parent, it's vital to take steps to prepare your child for a root canal to help reduce their anxiety and ensure a successful procedure.

Read Books to prepare child for root canal

As with other difficult childhood experiences, there are countless books that deal with the topic of going to the dentist.

While there might not be any children's books specifically about root canals, if you can get your child more comfortable about going to the dentist by reading books, then any procedures that occur at the dentist will be much less traumatic for your child. Find a few books with your child's favorite characters and read them several times before the day of the procedure.

Choose A Great Dentist to prepare child for root canal

When it comes to dentistry, children have different needs than adults. Therefore, it's vital that you find a family dentist who is experienced in taking care of children and their unique needs.

This ensures that the dentist doesn't become flustered during the procedure, which could stress your child or even lead to a mistake on the part of the dentist.

Offer An Incentive to prepare child for root canal

Sometimes, a good, old-fashioned bribe is the best course of action to help your child through a difficult situation. Plan something fun and unique that you and your child can do together a few days after their procedure so that they'll have something to look forward to as the day of their procedure approaches. Just be sure you don't plan any food-based incentives, as you don't know how long it might take for your child to recover.

Stay Calm to prepare child for root canal

When going into an uncertain situation, your child will look to you for emotional cues to help them know how to react. Therefore, if you stay calm before your child's procedure, they are more likely to stay calm, as well.

Encourage your child to take deep breaths and try to get their mind off of what is going to happen by watching their favorite TV show or reading their favorite book.

Once the big day has come and gone, it's important that you take care of any post-procedure follow-up. Proper follow-up will ensure that your child has an excellent outcome so that their worry and pain doesn't go to waste.

Consult with your dentist whenever you have questions so that you don't overlook anything.

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