What To Do If You Get Gum Boils

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Written By Jennifer Raskin / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

A gum boil unfortunately isn’t as fun as say a crawfish boil. Not that boiling gum would be ideal either. Gum boils are abscesses that form on your gums that look like swollen bumps. They’re caused by bacteria, usually by plaque, particles of food, or even tooth decay, leading to an infection just under the gum surface.

It’s very unlikely to be a symptom of oral cancer, though having a gum boil is not an ideal situation. This is why you need to take good care of your oral hygiene and stick to your dental appointments.

There are three kinds of gum boils and they can form on your gum line, at the root of one of your teeth, or in the supporting tissues for your teeth. Most of them are painful, which is generally your first clue that something’s not right.

Symptoms Of Gum Boils

Oral pain isn’t normal and should always be checked by your dentist. But not every pain you get in your mouth is a gum boil. If you have any pain in your mouth, you can take a look in a mirror and see if you notice any red bumps. For gum boils that are more hidden, ask yourself if you have any of these other symptoms:

What To Do About Gum Boils

If you have gum boils, it’s the likely result of not taking  better care of your teeth. And if you don’t have them, the best way to avoid these painful abscesses is to follow what your dentist recommends for your dental hygiene.

The first step is visiting your dentist. If you indeed have gum boils, you’ll likely be prescribed antibiotics to handle the infection. Your dentist will also give you a deep cleaning if the gum boils were caused by unhealthy gums. You may even need a root canal if your gum boils came from tooth decay. And if you wear dentures, your dentist will adjust them to keep them from causing gum boils again. From there, it’s up to you to take better care of your teeth.

At home, you can gargle with saltwater or a mixture of three percent hydrogen peroxide and water, use tea tree oil, or rinse with garlic juice, if you’d like to stick to natural remedies. These shouldn’t be attempted though without first seeing your dentist. Don’t put off that visit though - if you do have gum boils, the cause is from bacteria affecting the area. Ignoring it can cause that infection to spread throughout your body which is a very serious life-threatening condition.

The good news is that gum boils can be treated effectively, so while it might not be pleasant to discover you have them, your dentist can help get your mouth back on the road to recovery!

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