Teeth Whitening Dangers – What To Know

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

While the popularity of teeth whitening grows, the number of products and processes available is growing as well. This means that there are more options and there might be a match for everyone who is interested in whiter teeth, but there will be risks with any of them.

The most common risks are weakening of teeth enamel, a possibility of allergic reaction, as well as the result of uneven tooth color and increased sensitivity of the teeth and gums.

Weakened enamel from teeth whitening

Teeth whitening products all have one thing in common: they are applied directly to the teeth. The act of applying these chemicals to the teeth allows them to directly affect the tooth enamel as well as the gums and even the roots.

The ingredients that lighten the shade of the tooth can also weaken the enamel, leaving it thinner and more susceptible to cavities and other damages. Once the enamel is weakened it is easier for the inner layers of the tooth to become weakened because the stronger products reach further into the tooth than the over-the-counter ones.

If use is continued, as it often is to achieve the desired tooth color, the damage continues deeper into the layers of the teeth.

Irritated gums from teeth whitening

When a product is applied to the teeth it also comes in contact with the gums. These products can affect the gums by increasing sensitivity and possibly causing irritation.

This irritation is most often temporary but in the cases where it becomes permanent it may get worse over time and can lead to a limit in food choices and temperature sensitivity that cannot be undone.

Uneven teeth whitening results

While using whitening products there is no way to be certain that the effect will be even across all surfaces. This can leave teeth with varying shades in one tooth, and they may vary from tooth to tooth even when they are right next to each other.

As teeth whitening is frequently done to keep teeth white and even - so they look similar or exactly the same across all the teeth - having it result in uneven results and different shades in different areas may be counterproductive and very hard or even impossible to repair.

While having teeth whitened has several options from over-the-counter gum, strips, painted on products and dental office treatments that include the correct lighting and stronger products, they all have the same risks and possible side effects.

Sensitive teeth and gums may be either a temporary concern or may become permanent, while weakening and thinning of the dentin and other damage to the structure and strength of the tooth can be permanent and only worsen with time.

It is important to have a discussion with your doctor before trying any tooth whitening process, and attention needs to be paid to the proper application to decrease the likelihood that there will be uneven results and shades. While mostly safe there are always some risks with tooth whitening.  

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