Steps To Prevent Bad Breath And Halitosis

Halitosis is usually treated initially and then preventive measures are taken to prevent recurrent bad breath. Common practices to prevent bad breath are:

Brush Your Tongue, Inside Of The Lips And Cheeks
Up to 90% of bacteria that cause bad breath may be on the surface of the tongue. Cleaning the tongue can reduce bad breath.

Use A Tongue Scraper
These are useful for removing excess bacteria from the tongue.

Keep Gum Health In Check
Existing gingivitis or periodontal disease can create malodor in the mouth. Keeping your mouth healthy and free of gum disease symptoms is the best way to avoid bad breath.

Give Up Smoking
Tobacco use can cause bad breath. Even if you cant smell it, others around you can.

Dont Cover It Up
Alcoholic mouthwash can dry your mouth out, disrupting the natural flora of your mouth and making it more difficult to treat chronic halitosis. Breath mints only briefly hide some of the odor from halitosis, but do not correct the problem. Rather, sugar-filled mints used frequently will cause tooth decay.

Avoid Problem Foods
Garlic, milk, cheese and other foods can increase bacteria levels in the mouth or be too odorous to begin with, making it difficult for people with bad breath to eat them when in public. 

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