Sore Gums: The Signs, Symptoms And Dangers

Sore, swollen and sensitive gums are symptoms of gum disease. Sensitive teeth and gums are often due to the buildup of bacteria along the margin of your gums.  

Sore gums often appear as:

    • Inflamed, enlarged gum margins

    • Rounded gums between the teeth instead of sharp and pointed

    • Bright pink, red or even purple

    • Bleeding during brushing and flossing

    • Painful during brushing or flossing

  • Itchy gums
A sore mouth and gums is a signal to you that there is a condition going on in your mouth that needs your attention. Sore teeth can even become mobile or fall out if the infection is severe enough. Even if you have sore gums and tongue, its important to take action early on that may be uncomfortable at first to help eliminate the infection.

Dangers And Health Risks

Sore gums are a symptom of infected, swollen gums. This is usually due to existing gum disease on one or all of your teeth. Gum disease can be a complex condition that may make you more prone to suffer from conditions like:

    • Stroke

    • Heart attack

    • Elevated blood pressure

    • Cardiovascular diseases

    • Obesity

    • Erectile dysfunction

    • Tooth loss

    • Bad breath

    • Diabetes

  • Premature labor

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