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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

When deciding on a dentist, it is important to find the right fit for you. You may require certain things from a dentist that others wouldn’t find as important, so create your own priority list and look for a dentist that meets your needs the best.

Considerations to make include insurance, updated equipment and procedures, availability of appointments and emergency services, and the comfort of the office and staff. A dentist office should feel as comfortable as it can with a welcoming staff and up-to-date procedures and equipment. It should also be able to accept your dental insurance.

Each dentist will have a list of which insurance companies bill directly for services. This will create a more stress-free visit for you as there will be no surprises at the end of the appointment. You can find this information by calling your local dentists and providing the name of the company that provides your dental insurance.

It can also be useful to check what coverage you have as well as how much coverage is offered, as not all procedures will be fully covered. Once your insurance needs are provided it’s time to look at the dentist office more closely.

The dental field is frequently growing and developing new procedures on how best to treat dental concerns, and often new and updated equipment is available. While it is not necessary to have all new equipment constantly, you do want a dentist who has proper up-to-date training and clean, safe equipment that appears to be well maintained.

Certifications should be posted prominently on the wall for both the dentists and the dental hygienists, ensuring that you are being treated by trained professionals.

Additional Services to look for when selecting a dentist

Some dental offices will also offer additional services such as a laughing gas for anxious patients, televisions to help pass the time and distract patients from the procedures themselves. A dental office that also offers emergency appointments can be an advantage as dental concerns often occur outside regular office hours.

It is important to be able to get an appointment for both emergency care and regular preventative care as well.

Visit a dental office to get a feel of the staff and the environment. It should feel welcoming and calm, to help the patients feel comfortable and help ease fears and anxieties related to dental appointments. A dentist who can help to ease anxieties and offer explanations of procedures and preventative care is vital to maintaining regular appointments and oral care.

When choosing a dentist is it important to ensure that your specific needs can be met and that you are comfortable with the dentists themselves. Many factors make a great fit including insurance coverage, up-to-date training, procedures and equipment, and a welcoming and calm environment.

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