4 Tips For Getting Over Your Dental Anxiety As An Adult

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Written By Emma Sturgis / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Are you experiencing dental anxiety? Well, we've all been there before. The good news is that you can overcome dental fear easily by following simple tips and techniques. Don't wait until a toothache gets to you before you can drag yourself to the dentist. Here are four tips to overcome dental anxiety as an adult.

Identify And Accept Your Fear

Overcoming dental anxiety begins with identifying what part of it you fear exactly. Is it the dentist, the tools used, the drilling process, or you just don't want anything touching your teeth? Understanding what you fear can help you find a solution to it. If it's the tools, you need to find a way to get used to them. Don't feel embarrassed to mention to your dentist that you have dental fear. They won't judge you but will instead figure out a way to help you overcome your anxiety.

Know What To Expect

Another way of overcoming your dental anxiety is knowing what to expect before, during, and after the process. Ask your dental specialist what kind of pain you're going to experience. Get a pre-warning about the session. Is it going to be tingly, or will it feel like piercing pain? Knowing this is an excellent way to get you prepared emotionally for what is to come. If it's going to be too painful, don't be afraid to ask for sedation.

Be In Control

Once your dentist tells you how the process feels and what to expect, ensure you take control of yourself before you continue. Avoid doing anything distressful that can result in a bad experience hence a negative association with the dental work. Practice some ways to reduce anxiety, such as breathing techniques to help you relax. Practice some mindfulness and meditation as well to help you cope with the situation.

Bring A Friend Along

To overcome the fear and increase your confidence at a dental office, you need to have someone with you for support. Bring someone who has gone through the process before and understands it. A friend or a family member should be able to comfort you when you feel restless and whisper some words of encouragement. This person can also speak for you when you can't talk.

Dentophobia is a common fear among adults, but you need to overcome it so that you can have your teeth and mouth checked regularly. Don't allow your anxiety to get serious enough to prevent you from seeking dental help. Regular checkups help you prevent severe problems such as decay and cavities, and you can only do it if you overcome the phobia.

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