How To Brighten Your Smile During Quarantine

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Written By Djurica Tarana / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

The world is passing through a difficult phase at the moment, a situation that hasn’t been felt before - at least in recent times. The pandemic may have brought misery and frustration in its wake but lots of people have devised a coping mechanism on how to get along and maintain a happy life regardless of the challenges. One of such ways is by being in high spirit with a healthy smile.  Studies have shown that aside from its mood boosting ability, smiling helps our body release endorphins and cortisol that are beneficial in helping reduce pain, increase endurance, reduce blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and reduce stress. To make it easy for you to enjoy a bright smile with benefits, here are the steps to take.

  1. Brush your teeth smoothly and correctly

Regular and correct brushing of teeth is crucial to having a bright smile. According to dentists, you are required to spend at least two minutes while brushing your teeth twice daily. 

The correct way to brush your teeth is to put your brush at the teeth base while forming a 45-degree angle and gently brush upwards to the top. Remember that not brushing your teeth gently can cause your gum to recede, make your teeth sensitive and ultimately lead to loss of teeth. Apply the same method when brushing both the inside and inside sections of your teeth. However, when cleaning the chewing sides of your teeth, you can swipe your brush in a sweeping motion while equally tipping the bristles of your brush into the crevices.

Likewise, also remember to tenderly brush your tongue outwards as well as the roof of your mouth in order to get of particles that could attract bacteria.  On the other hand, if you already have a tooth infection, your dentist should be able to treat it or advise you on ways to manage it.

  1. Oil Pulling meant to improve oral hygiene

Over the ages, oil puling has proven effective in helping to remove bacteria as well as promoting overall oral hygiene. It is related to the Auyrveda - a well-known traditional medicine practice that originated from India.

Some studies support the notion that oil pulling is effective in killing bacteria and for maintaining general oral hygiene. It is not exactly known how oil pulling works. One school of thought claims it is by moisturizing the gums and enhancement of saliva production. Another says it is through pulling out bacteria. Similarly, there are certain types of oil that contain properties known to be effective in helping inhibit inflammation and bacteria.

In essence, oil pulling can destroy harmful bacteria in the mouth, can mitigate bad breath/halitosis, could prevent build-up of a cavity, and can also reduce inflammation while improving gum health among other benefits.

  1. Healthy diet for your body and teeth

Maintaining a good diet can go a long way in enjoying not just healthy teeth but also a healthy body. For instance, eating sugar is generally known to be the number one enabler of tooth decay.  Therefore, when you consume edibles such as soda drinks and sugary foods, you expose your protective enamel to acid degradation. In addition, it is more dangerous when you eat sugary foods close to bed time especially without brushing your teeth afterwards - because you don’t produce enough saliva when sleeping. 

  1. Avoid bakery products

Starchy and processed carbohydrates such as bread, crackers, chips, pasta etc. can be harmful to your teeth.  Basically, starch from these products can stay in your mouth for extended periods of time before they are converted into simple sugars. These sugars will in turn attract bacteria to feed on thereby leading to tooth decay.

  1. Use Mouthwash after brushing your teeth

The use of mouthwash can help you to guard against tooth decay. However, it is recommended that you should not use a mouthwash immediately after brushing your teeth. 

  1. Take proper care of your gums too

To enjoy healthy teeth, you must take proper care of the gums. The gums are the foundation that supports the teeth so you must take care of them to prevent periodontal/gum disease.

You can protect your gums by doing the following:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Flossing daily
  • Brushing twice everyday
  • Making use of therapeutic mouthwash
  • Regular visits to dentist

When it comes to having healthy teeth the axiom that prevention is better than care holds true. A more extensive overview on how to ensure perfect oral hygiene can be found in the Index of Science.

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DjuricaTarana believes that a nicer smile helps to boost your confidence. She is very confident about her work and dedicated to provide the best oral health products, reviews, and guidance.

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