4 Reasons Getting Braces As An Adult Might Be Necessary

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Most adults, as they age, tend to try to avoid anything that would cause them to appear childish. Therefore, since braces are such an established rite of passage for teenagers, adults tend to try to avoid them at all costs. However, braces can have many significant benefits for common oral ailments in adults and children alike. To better understand if braces are right for you, here are four reasons that getting them as an adult might be necessary.

Your Speech Is Affected

In some cases, your teeth can be so misaligned that this improper alignment affects your speech. Since your tongue is so important for forming various word sounds and your teeth surround your tongue, misaligned teeth can cause problems with the speech process. Typically, the teeth that cause speech impediments are located near the rear of your mouth, making orthodontic treatment a perfect candidate for improving this condition

If You've Lost Teeth

If you've lost teeth due to gingivitis or some other oral health condition, then braces may be part of the process of replacing those teeth with implants. In many cases, the spaces that your missing teeth leave behind aren't adequate to safely and effectively install implants. To correct this, braces are used to slowly widen these gaps until the implants can be installed.

If A Tooth Is Dying

As you get older, your gums will begin to destabilize, even with good oral hygiene. This can cause some of your teeth to shift, putting those teeth in front of or behind the teeth that don't move.

If this condition is not corrected, it can put so much pressure on certain teeth that they begin to die. With orthodontic treatment, though, this condition can be reversed, preserving your teeth for many years to come.

If You Need A Change

In some cases, adult orthodontic treatment is done entirely for cosmetic reasons. If you need to boost your confidence or are in a career where you're constantly in front of other people, then orthodontic treatment may make sense. If the adjustments needed are fairly simple, you will likely be eligible for a less-invasive method of orthodontic treatment that is largely invisible to others around you.

Don't Worry

As orthodontic treatment continues to improve, the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment continues to rise. Therefore, while it may be easy to become self-conscious during the course of your treatment, it's important to remember that there are millions of other people just like you who are undergoing similar treatments. With that in mind, you can put your best foot forward as you anticipate the incredible results you'll receive at the end of your treatment.

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  • I probably need braces. I had perfectly straight teeth, until the doctor overdosed me on Prednisone in Jan 2015, when I was dhydrated. If they had waited until I was hydrated, until they started shooting me up with Prednisone every 2 hours, maybe I wouldn’t have 8 side affects out of 11. I had the most beautiful teeth, now you would never know that. I have lost 2 teeth, probably going to lose 2 more, my bottom teeth & gums look deformed. It really bothers me to see what the drug Prednisone did to my body and teeth. I always took care of my teeth, eat the right foods, I don’t smoke, don’t take drugs and I don’t drink. i do take vitamins, I guess if I didn’t I would be in worse condition, than I am. I even ask the doctor, if Prednisone was a steroid and he said NO. This is what really makes me crazy and mad, that he lied to me. At the present time I don’t have the money to go to the dentist, that can help me, but in the future.


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