4 Explanations For Your Recurring Headaches

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Written By Emma Sturgis / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Headaches are bad enough individually. When you have chronic or recurring headaches, it can make your life miserable.

There are so many reasons you could have recurring headaches. Figuring it out would require a process of elimination.

To get you started on figuring out what's causing your pain, here are four reasons that recurring headaches can happen.

Sleep Problems And Headaches

Problems with sleeping are one of the most common reasons that people can have recurring headaches. According to the American Migraine Association, people living with migraines are two to eight times more likely to experience sleep disorders. It seems that sleep disorders and migraines go hand in hand.

Common sleep disorders that can contribute to recurring headaches include but are not limited to:

TMJ Disorder And Headaches

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. This sliding joint is what connects your jawbone to your skull. Some people have pain associated with this joint and when it's not taken care of it can cause recurring headaches.

TMJ disorder seems to happen to people almost at random. Medical experts haven't pinpointed the exact cause of TMJ disorder in people, although it's believed to be caused by arthritis, injury, or genetics.

No matter what the reason is, if you're suffering from this joint pain, you need to see a TMJ dentist as soon as possible.

Infections And Headaches

It's common for germ and viral infections to cause headaches, even if the infection is somewhere else besides your head. Usually these infections will be accompanied by other symptoms, so you'll know that you're sick. They usually clear up in a few weeks or months.

If your headache doesn't go away on its own, or you don't have typical infection symptoms, it could be a less common infection. It's important for your doctor to check for infections to eliminate them as a source of a recurring headache.

Brain Tumors And Headaches

A brain tumor is a rare reason for recurring headaches compared to the other reasons on the list. The good news is that your recurring headache is probably not due to a brain tumor. The bad news is that you can't rule it out completely because it does happen unfortunately.

There are some other red flags that can indicate a brain tumor along with recurring headaches. A visit with your doctor is the best thing you can do to rule out a brain tumor as the cause of your recurring headache.

If you’re suffering from frequent headaches, make an appointment with your doctor to get to the root of the issue and stop suffering.

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