Worst Foods To Eat: Heres 5

worst foodsEveryone is likely gearing up to give their eating habits and nutrition a complete overhaul after the first of the year. While healthy eating practices are important year round, we are all more likely to eat poorly during the winter and holiday months. There is something about the cold weather and endless office treats, that really messes with our balanced diets. Indulging in specific foods every now and then isnt a problem. Even so, making sure that the foods listed below arent consumed too often is recommended. Heres five of the worst foods to eat.

  • Doughnuts

For those who have a serious sugar craving, sometimes the office doughnuts are hard to resist. But you should really shy away from these sweet, sugary treats for a number of reasons. Not only are they incredibly high in calories, but also fat content and sugar - which are all things we should avoid in foods we readily consume. On top of the unhealthily high content of the elements listed above, doughnuts are filled with added preservatives, which increase their shelf life and how long they last.

  • Sugary Cereal

The high levels of sugar and gluten are incredibly problematic and toxic for the digestive system. Many of the most popular cereals have lowered their sugar content and now offer gluten-free options because of a dip in sales. Very sugary cereals can actually cause intestine issues by eroding the lining of the stomach. Both high levels of gluten and sugar can cause stomach inflammation. Many people have a difficult time digesting these two things in high quantities.

  • French Fries

Everyones favorite side to a hearty burger is actually incredibly bad for the digestive system, and by extension, other organs in the body. French fries are normally fried in oils that contain high levels of trans fats. Naturally, potatoes are starchy and high on the glycemic index, which spikes insulin levels and can lead to many different health problems. Insulin levels need to be balanced, not incredibly high or low.

  • Margarine

Even though this spread has been touted as the healthy and free-from-cholesterol alternative to butter, it's actually worse. Unfortunately, what we dont get in cholesterol we make up for with the levels of trans fats. This stuff is full of it. Traditionally, butter is actually healthier than margarine. The rule of thumb is that foods including omega-3 fats or butter in its ingredient list are much better than anything that uses margarine.

  • Soda

This should be a bit of a no-brainer. Most people are well aware of the ways that soda can negatively impact their health. This goes for diet sodas and those zero sodas as well. Not only is soda full of sugar or sugar substitute, it has various chemicals and additives that are incredibly harmful to health and your bodys digestive tract. Curb the soda habit as soon as possible. Nothing good can come from it.

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