What Causes Rosacea?

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There is a common skin condition called rosacea that causes overt redness of the face. Depending on the severity of the condition, rosacea can appear as red, blotched patches on the face or even small, red pus-filled bumps. The presence of rosacea can be found on anyone, but it most commonly affects women who are middle-aged with sensitive or fair skin. If rosacea isn't properly treated, it can get perpetually worse and become unsightly and difficult to deal with.

As is the case with must skin conditions, those who suffer with rosacea can many times be at the mercy of a flare-up. When rosacea flares up, the noticeable redness can last for weeks to months before subsiding. This can be incredibly cyclical which means that flares can potentially happen at any given time. Unfortunately there is no known cure for rosacea but there are treatment options that provide some relief for the irritating skin condition. What's important to know for those who are suffering from this condition is that there are specific causes and triggers that may make the condition worse. These things should be considered so as to mitigate the appearance of flares.

Spicy Foods

Any type of foods that are incredibly hot or spicy may have a negative effect on rosacea. This is because the heat of those foods may irritate and raise the internal temperature of the body, causing the redness to occur and be triggered. If you love spicy or hot food, it's suggested to eat less of it but when you do partake in these types of dishes, taking small bites and drinking ice water to cool your system down is suggested.


Although alcohol is a depressant, it has stimulant qualities that affect some people. Consuming alcohol can have various effects on individuals who have certain health conditions, no matter how minor. The consumption of alcohol naturally raises internal body temperature and provides warmth. This warmth can easily cause the redness on the face to increase and get worse.


Skin that is naturally sensitive can find exposure to sunlight incredibly damaging. This is why sunscreen is such a crucial part of skin protection that shouldn't be overlooked. However, for those who are susceptible to rosacea, sunlight can easily perpetrate a flare. The skin on the face is much more sensitive to sunlight and heat exposure than other parts of the body. Ensure you are properly protecting your face by wearing hats, sunglasses and high SPF sunscreen.

Hot Baths/Sauna

The temperature, whether internally or externally, plays a huge part in what is potentially affecting or triggering rosacea. The skin's natural reaction to heat is to become flushed or for blood vessels to dilate. This internal mechanism can often trigger the presence of rosacea. Attempt to keep your surroundings at a comfortable temperature or even on the cool side if you suffer from rosacea. Hot temperatures, even in the form of steam, aren't good for those who suffer with this skin condition.

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