What Causes Halitosis?

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Bad breath is no laughing matter. We've all been there. Whether you were the one whose mouth needed some freshening, or it was someone you were talking to, bad breath is hard to miss or adequately cover up. Many people think that by popping mints or chewing gum they are getting rid of the problem but that's simply untrue. This only covers up the problem and doesn't directly deal with potential causes. Halitosis, the medical name for bad breath, can be caused by a myriad of different things: diet, poor oral hygiene habits, medication or poor digestion. 

Halitosis can be a direct result of odor-inducing microbes that gather between the teeth and on gums. While this type of bacteria is incredibly normal, those with poor hygiene become more susceptible to the effects of the odor, thus causing breath to smell sour. This happens because of the particles that are present in our food and drinks that often gets stuck in our mouth. Simply rinsing out your mouth after every meal can help to eliminate stray pieces of food that sometimes gets stuck.

Leading Causes Of Bad Breath

If you have a poor diet, you likely have troubles with digestion and this can be one of the leading causes of bad breath that goes unnoticed. If you aren't eating foods that contribute to good health and proper digestion, you likely will have some irritating symptoms. Sometimes this manifests itself as gas, bloating, upset stomach or indigestion. Those who frequently deal with indigestion also deal with bad breath as the acid that is produced by the food they eat builds in their stomach and chest. Those who have trouble with belching often have bad breath for this very reason.

In order to really tackle the problem that bad breath is, you have to figure out what is causing the issue. Once you've pinpointed what it is, being able to eliminate the issue becomes easier. After that, start by really taking care of your oral health and hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once. Rinsing your mouth on a daily basis will also help to dislodge food particles that will likely get stuck in your mouth throughout the day. All-natural breath spray is a great product to incorporate into your oral health routine.

Next, make sure that you take stock and inventory of what you can change to improve your breath. This is going to be contingent on certain practices and lifestyles that you routinely take part in. If you're a smoker, be aware that most people who smoke are going to naturally have bad breath simply because of the toxic chemicals they are putting in their bodies via their mouths. Bad breath is a symptom of a greater problem and once you pinpoint what is causing your halitosis, you can then take the proper steps and precautions to help prevent it and eliminate it. 

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