What Causes Age Spots?

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The signs of aging show themselves in many different ways. Whether it be random aches and pains, digestive changes, heightened vitamin deficiency or changes in the skin, getting older definitely comes with its own fair share of physical changes. One of which, that many people suffer from and take issue with, is the way their condition of their skin shifts. Some experience drier skin, some's skin becomes more sensitive and some experience a change in their skin that leads to specific marks or spots that weren't there before. These makers are often referred to as age spots; another name for them are liver spots. They generally appear as flat tan or dark spots that can be seen on the face, hands, and shoulders. 

Age spots themselves are said to be caused by extensive exposure to the sun. They however become more and more common the older an individual gets, with the majority of sufferers being older than 50. Sometimes these spots can be confused as dangerous or harmful to someone who isn't familiar with them. However, they are actually quite benign. The main concern is often how to potentially treat them and help them fade over time, so the landscape of the skin can look more even.

Making sure skin is adequately moisturized is absolutely vital for the prevention and treatment of age spots. Skin that is naturally dry or unprotected from the sun are at greater risk for these spots. The use of sunscreen is also imperative. The more lengths you go to, in order to protect your skin, the more benefits you will likely reap from those efforts. Because age spots are caused by heightened pigmentation, protecting the skin from the way the sun can influence and change it will prove to be helpful.

It's also important to switch up your skin care routine if you are terribly worried about the appearance of a few age spots. There are many cleansers and moisturizers that can be used that have specific elements in them that help to even out skin. Using a spot corrector with vitamin C will also help with hyper-pigmentation. It's especially important to make sure that you are taking care of your skin consistently and finding products that will protect it from further issues.

Anti-age products, especially those that contain retinol, are known to not only fight and combat wrinkles but also help with hyper-pigmentation. The level of effectiveness is going to be determined by the amount of retinol in the product, how susceptible to the product your skin is and the frequency with which you use it. The more consistent you are with trying to combat and reverse age spots, the more successful you will be. Constancy is key. Also realize that age spots are harmless and only need to be tended to if they cause a problem cosmetically with self esteem. They are incredibly common and just a sign of experience and years lived!

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