Vitamins That Are Good For Your Gums

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It is always a good idea to be proactive in your self care. Understanding the necessity of taking the proper supplements designed to help aid a specific issue you may be having is crucial. Many people don't understand just how susceptible the mouth is to harmful occurrences. With the foods we eat and liquids we drink there are a number of problems that we could potentially face. There are way to both treat and prevent issues with your gums based on the vitamins and supplements you take on a daily basis. This is the best, healthiest way to insure that the sensitive tissue of your gums is getting the proper nutrients that are required. Here are the top vitamins you should be taking for healthy gums.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant and it is known to be one of the best vitamins to indicate fast healing. It can help to reduce inflammation and it can also help to fortify the connective tissue in the gums. So if you are struggling with gum issues, you may want to increase your Vitamin C intake or just start taking it, if you don't already. You can take roughly 700 mg of Vitamin C per day.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is fantastic for those who deal with deficiencies that can increase your rate of infection. If you deal with getting cavities often, you need to be very careful about how long you allow them to be in your mouth completely untreated. An unaddressed cavity can very easily turn into an infection and those can be horrendous to deal with. This can cause abscesses which are not fun and very painful to experience. Vitamin A is also a great anecdote for gums that are inflamed. So if you feel that you are developing sore or red gums, start taking this vitamin.

Coenzyme Q10

This supplement is a great aid to gums. One of the primary reasons this element is so effective is because it has been shown to decrease the depth of the pockets that can form between the gums and the teeth. This makes it less likely that bacteria can get in those crevices and wreck havoc. If you are suffering from gums that are bleeding, this is also a great thing to start taking, in order to curb that issue. One of the best supplements you can take for improved gum health, taking CoQ10 will cause a notable difference in your gum health.

Folic acid- this supplement is known for its ability to help heal symptoms of gum deceive at a quick rate. It must be used topically, directly on the gums themselves, and the liquid form is the best kind in this particular case. It is known to really target inflammation and soreness of the gums. It promotes cell growth and repair so the compromised cells in your gums that have been under attack from gum disease may begin to heal the way that they should. 

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