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The fresh and dried needles and berries of the juniperus osteosperma plant are otherwise known as juniper berry. When derived into an essential oil, this plant has highly effective attributes that can help with very common problems many of us face. The issue becomes when common problems arise, we think that turning to the easy fix of over- the-counter medication is the answer. It simply is not, and ultimately can disrupt the internal system more than we are aware. Going the natural route is much preferred.

Skin Issues

The juniper berry is known as a big immune system booster and a effective detoxifier. Commonly used for respiratory infections, sore throats, muscle aches, fatigue and skin issues, this essential oil runs the gamut of all the ways that it can successfully help with problems that many people face. With its incredible antiseptic properties, its ability to clean and purify the system is highly regarded. It increases urine elimination for those who have viruses that prevent them from expelling urine as often as they should. It also aids digestion and can be used for those who have issues with their stomach.

This oil can be used topically, aromatically, and internally, though only the highest food grade options are recommended to ingest. For a muscle soother, the oil can be used to massage any kinks and aches from your limbs. When the oil seeps into the skin and enters the blood stream, it can have a positive effect on the inflammation that often accompanies the pain. It can reduce the aching feeling and provide relief to those who are suffering from arthritis, joint and bone pain. Try mixing a few drops in a carrier oil and massaging the area of your body that aches most often. You'll be surprised how quickly the oil will start to work.

While many doctors suggest natural cranberry juice to women who are suffering from urinary tract infections and bladder infections, if caught early enough, this oil can be used to treat the infection. The juniper berries have been used to treat kidney and bladder infections for eons. This is because they have natural ingredients that are both anti-fungal and antibacterial, which work in the body to flush out the infection and detoxify the affected organs. Being that it is a natural diuretic, it also helps flush out the inflection by increasing how often the body needs to urinate. The excess fluids from the bladder are expelled more frequently, effectively getting rid of the bad bacteria.

Other Skin Conditions

Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne are also greatly helped by this oil. This oil can be used on dry patches of skin to give it the necessary moisture that it's been lacking, but also the antimicrobial and antibacterial elements actively fight the causes of the irritation. Many of these skin conditions are caused by some type of hormonal imbalance, further exacerbated by things like diet and stress. The juniper berry oil can soothe and correct the impacted skin cells causing the flares. A vial of this oil in the medicine cabinet is a must. 

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