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The focus on food and diet and eating clean can sometimes feel overwhelming and arduous - especially when there is such conflicting information swirling around about what is actually good versus what isn't. Listed below are the top superfoods to include in your diet for balance and better health. It is important to understand that everyone is different and what affects one person positively may not affect everyone the same way. The effectiveness of some of these foods will be dependent on overall internal health, prior ailments and applicable allergies. 

Organic Eggs

Not to be confused with just any type of egg, eggs that are free range or pastured are an excellent source of good fat and protein. They are also high in amino acids and contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are good for the eyes. These types of eggs are also rich in naturally occurring vitamin B12.


One of the latest fads heard round many health nut circles is actually incredibly good for you. Kale is also very affordable and its rich in calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. It helps protect the liver, stomach and immune system.

Organic Yogurt

Although there is some debate about the health properties of dairy products, organic milk doesn't have the same sometimes harmful additives that other types of milk possess. Because of this, organic yogurt is a great natural source of energy and a healthy probiotic.


Not all nuts are created equal. There are many nuts that have bad fats or nuts that are coated in some type of flavor that can be filled with sugar or an additive. Raw almonds are known for providing potassium, vitamin E, fiber and magnesium, which are all critical vitamins our bodies need.


This good fat is one of the tastiest items on this list and my personal favorite. It is chock full of fiber, folic acid and b vitamins. It can be added to meats, eggs, and cheese dishes to add a powerful flavor punch and a good dose of healthy fat.

Green Juice

While this isnt necessarily specific to a type of green vegetable, juicing is touted as one of the best ways to ingest the necessary vitamins and minerals that many of us are not consuming in our diets. Various types of green juice have been connected to boosting the immune system, promoting weight loss, increasing energy and supporting brain health.


You may want to brush your teeth after eating a bunch of this next superfood. It increases immune system function and is also a natural germ fighter. Additionally, garlic is heralded as a great alternative to antibiotics. It also lowers harmful cholesterol levels.


This fish is a fantastic source of minerals like potassium, zinc and iodine. It has healthy omega-3 fats that help aid eye and brain tissues. Its also been linked to healthy hair, nails, skin and bone. However, those who have a sensitivity to iodine should consume this food sparingly.

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