The 5 Must-See Pit Stops on the Road to Weight Loss

The 5 Must-See Pit Stops on the Road to Weight Loss

Diet trends come and go as frequently as the sun rises and sets. Each one has such amazing benefits in the early stages, but quickly seems to fizzle and fade all the while producing negative byproducts. Different diets work for different people, but no matter which one works for you there are a few simple facts that are beneficial across the board.


Eat Slower

Untamed lightning is pretty fast, but did you know that it takes 20 minutes or more for the electrical signals that signify fullness to travel from your stomach to your brain? When you eat faster, you eat more. Youre likely to overshoot your calorie goals by leaps and bounds if you dont take your time. There are plenty of other negative effects from eating too quickly ranging from simple indigestion to far more serious long term issues in your digestive system. If you eat slower, you chew slower and youre likely to eat less.

Crash Diets

Crash and fasting diets can provide quick results, but the effects dont often last. When you lower your calorie intake to the degree that most of these call for, you significantly lower your rate of metabolism. It works for a while, and makes perfect sense: if you have fewer calories to burn, youll burn them more slowly. However, once youre satisfied with your rapid weight loss and end the diet your body retains that rate of metabolism. Therein lies the problem. You return to eating as you did before, but your bodys metabolism stays at the same slow rate and the pounds will likely pile back on.

Skipping Meals

It may make sense at first thought that skipping a meal here and there will provide the same result as eating less. This is another case of great in theory, poor in execution. Skipping meals (especially breakfast) can lead to results similar to the crash diet. If you skip a meal early in the day youll be likely to snack more frequently and lose track of those calories youve been keeping watch over. Frequent, smaller meals or snacks are a great way to maintain your metabolism and curb hunger.

Frequent Weigh-Ins

Patience is a virtue has never been truer than when it comes to trying to lose weight. Weighing yourself every day while dieting is something akin to watching paint dry, or watching interest being gained on an investment minute by minute. No matter how successful you may end up being, constantly checking in will never show you the results youre looking for. Space out your weigh-ins according to what your goal is and youre sure to be happier with the numbers youll see.

Set Realistic Goals

When starting a diet its of vital importance to have a realistic goal in mind. Whether its a long term or weekly goal, put it within reach. Give yourself a challenge, but one you can defeat. With this mindset youll be more likely to celebrate your success and continue doing what works best. If you set out telling yourself that youre going to lose 25 lbs in your first week, it will have more chance of also being your last.

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