Stay Away From Phthalates

phthalatesAnytime a substance is banned in any part of the world, other regions should take note. They should also do research regarding what led to the ban in the first place. Phthalates is one of those chemicals that has been banned and for good reason. Phthalates are used in cosmetics, skin care and even children's toys. The chemical agent makes plastic flexible. As such, it allows toys to bend without breaking, making them more pliable in the hands of kids. After a series of studies were conducted on phthalates, it was found that cause for concern is likely warranted.

One of the findings indicate that phthalates has negative effects on a man's reproductive system. This is especially true when a pregnant woman carrying a baby boy in utero is exposed to the harmful chemical. This can be through hair spray or face cream. These phthalates have been linked to genital defects in male children. It similarly can cause issues in the semen production of men as well. The unfortunate thing about attempting to avoid them is that they aren't always listed on the product ingredients. Mostly, they are incorporated in the compound so readily referred to as fragrance on ingredient lists. This makes it especially difficult for consumers to detect. However, manufacturers and companies are well aware of what components they allow in their products.

Any type of harmful additive can get into your system by more than one way. The first way is through ingestion. This happens when a baby sucks or chews on a toy that has this harmful chemical in it. Babies are known for putting anything they can get their hands on into their mouth. Thus, toys almost always get put in the mouth of babies and toddlers alike. Well, with the phthalates that are present in the toys, the chemical can easily be injected and enter the blood stream that way. This is downright horrifying to think about. So much so that recently the state of California, as well as the UK, have completely banned the use of this chemicals in toys. This is a way to make excellent strides on protecting the health of the defenseless.

Another way that this chemical can get into the body and bloodstream is through absorption. This is when the product seeps into the skin and enters the blood from external contact with the skin. What's so dangerous about this chemical is that it helps increase spreadability, for things like creams and lotions, and enhances absorption for things like perfume. This means that it is absorbed by the skin at a higher rate.

A study done in 2002, showed that over 75% of women tested positive for phthalates after using 50 different popular over-the-counter products. Something similar needs to be done about the use of phthalates in skin care, as it has been for its use in children's toys. We should not be at the mercy of harmful components that are linked to birth defects, reproductive issues and cancer.

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