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Most commonly referred to as Tejpatta in Hindi, the bay leaf can be used for many different things. The aromatic leaf comes from the evergreen bay laurel tree, which is found in the Mediterranean. Like most plants that can be turned into an essential oil, it serves many different purposes and has tremendous positive qualities. The leaves have a naturally pungent and bitter flavor. In appearance, it sometimes resembles cinnamon bark. 

One of the benefits of bay leaf oil is that it has the ability to be a great pain reliever. There is always a need to have something on hand that will relief pain quickly - something that isn't habit forming or potentially dangerous. Over-the-counter pills always come with some type of warning regarding the internal organs. Prescription medication often includes opiates which can be addictive. Bay oil is an excellent, safe, and effective alternative. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a great option for strains, sprains, arthritis or even headaches. Rub several drops of the bay oil into skin and watch it work. It gradually will increase blood flow, circulation and diminish the pain.

Calming Properties

Bay oil is a great addition to the natural oils you may already use in a diffuser or humidifier. One of its strongest properties is its ability to induce relaxation and sleep. Those who suffer from insomnia and anxiety will love this oil for its calming properties. Adding a few drops to whichever air device you own will fill the air with an aroma that has a deeply soothing and lulling effect. Enjoy a better, more restful night of sleep by adding this oil to your arsenal.

One of the bigger skin care secrets, bay oil can treat and transform your skin. It can be used to de-stress the skin, which allows it to prevent the occurrences of blemishes and wrinkles. This oil is the perfect answer to preventing the age process from showing on your face. Add a few drops of this oil to your natural face wash or toner and watch your face liven up and become smoother within weeks. The oil is also great to put directly on blemishes, as it has antibacterial and anti fungal properties and will help to heal the acne quicker.

Dandruff is often the bane of many existences because it can be so difficult to treat and get under control. Well, bay oil is one of the best options for effective dandruff treatment. Those scaly, white flakes are no match for bay oil. Put a couple of drops into your shampoo and use as normal. Another great benefit of this oil is that it combats premature hair loss. If you don't want to put the oil in your shampoo, you can rub some on your fingertips and massage into your scalp. Or put the concentrated amount right on the troublesome spot. Premature balding is an issue that many people face, yet they turn to products with chemicals in them for relief. Don't go that route when there is a natural option.

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