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There are various ways that age shows itself to us. Whether its how we feel or how our skin looks or what foods no longer agree with our digestive tract, age makes itself abundantly clear when it gets ready. One of those fateful signs is the graying of hair. However, gray hair isn't always indicative of old age. Some people are prematurely gray because of vitamin deficiency or health causes. But ultimately, some may not appreciate how gray hair looks or makes them feel about their appearance. Included below are ways to treat and prevent gray hair naturally. 

Coconut Oil

This oil is almost like the Holy Grail. It can be used for so many different things and is effective in multiple areas. Using this oil to give yourself scalp massages will strengthen and soften strands as well as provide your scalp with much needed antioxidants. This process will ward of the gray hair and its incredibly inexpensive as well. Organic coconut oil can be found in stores for as low as four dollars.


This mineral helps boost the production of melanin, which is the element that gives your hair its natural color. If you aren't too keen on taking oral vitamins, copper can be found in many tasty foods such as blackberries, walnuts, yams, and many meats. Gray hair can be caused by a number of other vitamin deficiencies, but a cooper deficiency is definitely one of them.

Amla And Fenugreek Oils

These oils are some of the most highly regarded for turning gray hair back to its former color. Both these oils have high levels of vitamin C and fantastic anti-aging properties. It also promotes and aids the growth of hair. It does this by nourishing the hair follicle and infusing needed elements such as lysine, potassium, iron, l-tryptophan and alkaloids. It is also a great remedy for dandruff. All in all, these two oils are definitely something to add to your hair care regimen to prevent gray hair naturally.


This citrus fruit has long been heralded as a great option for those with hyper-pigmentation or discoloration on their face. Because of similar properties, it helps reverse the signs of gray and promotes healthy hair growth. These favorable effects are due to the high amount of phosphorus and vitamin C. Lemon is a great ingredient to put in oils or hair masks to keep the gray away.


Now I know how random this sounds but its actually an age-old remedy for graying hair. How these older remedies are preserved and brought into the new age is perplexing at best, but we sure are grateful for it. Because of the high levels of lactic acid, which acts as a natural conditioner, buttermilk will treat and condition the hair in a way that prevents the appearance of unsightly grays. Damaged hair is more susceptible to grow in gray because of the lack of care that it is getting.

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