A Powerful Skin Aid: Frankincense Oil

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Our skin is a wondrous, multi faceted part of our body. As the outer layer that protects and guards the rest of our organs and insides from the outside elements and hazards, it has a pretty tough job because ultimately it is the first line of defense. The skin is easily affected by everything. It is affected from the inside out and the outside in so finding an item that helps your skin in many different ways is of paramount importance. Frankincense oil is just the thing to do that. The oil is extracted from resin found in the Olibanum or Frankincense trees that have been found in ancient parts of Egypt. Here are all the ways it helps improve the state of your skin. 


There are so many issues that skin can come up against but the ability to properly heal from acne, boils or other injuries that can potentially leave scars, can prove difficult. This oil is a great aid in this way because it promotes the regeneration of cells which means that all impacted or affected parts of the skin will no longer struggle to heal and correct themselves. The astringent qualities as well as the anti inflammatory qualities make for a perfect combination for effective skin healing.


Because of its ability to produce healthy, new cells at a fast rate, this oil will drive out any type of fine lines or wrinkles that you may be scared of developing. Trying to prevent your skin from aging is one of the greatest challenges that many people suffer from. Whether the skin starts to become a bit sagging and drab, or crows feet start to appear where it once wasn't, this oil is the perfect answer to all those markers of age that we try so hard to extinguish.


If you are prone to blemishes you know just how embarrassing they can be. No one wants to walk around with spots on their face, especially all of the time. So any way you can figure out exactly how to mitigate and lessen the appearance of acne, the better. Because of this oils ability to properly neutralize and eradicate bacteria and germs, it is a great way to treat acne. So much of acne is caused by the bacteria that finds its way onto our face and is then mixed with sweat. Insuring that your skin is completely clean, by adding this oil to your cleanser is a great step towards clearing your acne.

Frankincense oil can be used in a myriad of ways for the face. It can be added to a cleanser, toner or even a mask. A few drops will go a long way. It's recommended that you start with two drops and test it on a small area of skin to ensure that you will not have an allergic reaction. After only about a week of incorporating this oil into your skincare, you will start to really notice a difference in the way your skin appears and behaves. Frankincense oil is a real life skin saver.

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