Orange Peel Oil's Positive Effects On Your Face

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By now, it should be no secret that skin care can and should be done in a natural, holistic manner. The presence of chemicals and additives in some of the over-the-counter products are not just potentially bad for the skin, but for overall health as well. The fantastic thing about using essential oils on the face is that so many have properties that will effectively target common issues. Orange peel oil is no different. In fact, orange peel oil is one of the options that gives the most overall positive effects on the skin. Included below are all the ways in which it's an effective facial aid. 

Added Glow

One of the worst things about getting in a rut with your skin care routine is that your skin may start to look dull and lifeless. This also happens if you don't drink enough water or have a poor diet. But orange peel oil can completely revitalize the look and luster of the skin, giving it a natural, illuminating glow. The vitamin C from the peel helps coat the skin with sizable amounts of the nutrients which help to eliminate free radicals and get rid of dead skill cells. The vitamin also allows for healthier skin cells to populate more rapidly.

Calm Sensitivities

Sometimes dealing with skin that is naturally sensitive can be a real headache. When anything can trigger a breakout, redness or irritation, you must be incredibly cognizant of what goes directly on the skin. The calcium levels in orange peel oil are actually great for this reason, as this mineral can calm and soothe agitated skin. If you're skin is notoriously itchy, this oil will likely eliminate the need to constantly itch.

Smoothing Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are the bane of many existences. No one looks forward to getting older, mainly because of how it shows on the face. Whether laugh lines around the mouth are an issue, or it's crows feet appearing around the eyes, everyone dreads looking in the mirror and finding new indentations in the skin. Well, orange peel oil can help eliminate those. The amount of magnesium and pectin, both found in copious amounts, helps to eradicate the formation of new wrinkles and aids in buffing out old, set lines.


There is a phenomenon that happens sometimes with skin that causes darkness to gather in specific areas. This can be caused by old blemishes, scaring or vitamin deficiencies. But the darkness can be unsightly and lead to overall unevenness of the skin. Orange peel oil can lighten those dark spots and help skin to become a more unified tone. The oil is also used on uneven tans to help diffuse the harsh differences of tan lines and provide a more even tone. Orange peel oil's positive effects on your face are enormous and varying. No matter the issue you are having with your skin, orange peel oil can definitely provide some help and may even correct it.

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