Natural Ways To Clear Up Blackheads

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The many signs of hormonal and internal changes, and the way they can be displayed on the face, is numerous. It seems unfair that there are so many different types of skin troubles that we often have to combat. One that can be increasingly troublesome is suffering from blackheads. These are often also referred to as open comedones. They are small black or yellow bumps that form in the pores when they are clogged. This is usually a combination of excess sebum, dead skin cells and built up dirt and oil. What's interesting about the appearance of blackheads is that they are not black because of the dirt, but because of the oxidization when the pores and the air meet. 


This spice is a perfect foil for those gross blackheads. Cinnamon is naturally anti-bacterial, which means that it eliminates the clogging of the pores, or the excess of the sebum from forming. Not only is the spice flavorful as a tasting agent, but it smells amazing as well. This spice will make a fragrant smelling mask that will help eliminate those unsightly blackheads. Put one part cinnamon in with two parts honey to make a paste. Apply thin layer over affected area. Leave on for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Lemon Juice

This wonder fruit is herald as one of the best natural remedies for so many skin-related issues. Known as a great skin brightener, it also fights acne and evens out skin tone. It's also a killer against blackheads. It contains alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) citric acid which helps to eradicate dead skin naturally. Dead skin is one of the biggest issues that those with blackheads face. An excess of dead skin is what allows the breeding ground for the blackheads to prosper and become numerous. The vitamin C that is found in lemon juice is a powerful anti-oxidant which is able to increase skin health and promote the natural collagen found in skin. Dab a bit of lemon juice on your problem areas, then wash off with a face cleanser.

Green Tea

Many teas are good for the face and skin because of the natural vitamins, minerals and tannins in the tea. Green tea is a natural anti-oxidant, which means that it can break up the troublesome oil that often causes acne and blackheads to propagate. It is important to let the tea reach a comfortable, cooler temperature before attempting to put it on the face. Steep a bag in hot water, let cool and dip a cotton ball in the tea. Dab the parts of the face that suffer from blackheads. Do this daily for at least two weeks.

Epsom Salt

Not only can this be used to ease tired and aching muscles, but it can also help to eliminate blackheads as well. It works by actively pulling the dirt, grim and oil from the clogged pores. It acts as an exfoliant and clears out all the unnecessary dead skin and blocked pores. Mix a teaspoon of epsom salt into your face wash. Use it once a week to see lasting results. 

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