Myrtle Oil Benefits

myrtle oilMany essential oils are derived by seeds, plants and flowers that have an incredibly long history in ancient and folk medicine. Myrtle oil falls easily into that category. Many people are unfamiliar with this essential oil.

Myrtle leaves and fruits have high levels of digestive enzymes and can also help with skin issues. Originating in Greece, it was linked to Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love. The Greeks highly revered the plant because of its healing properties.

The leaves produce the rich oil that can be used for different things. Similar to eucalyptus and tea tree oil, myrtle belongs to the same plant family. Due to its antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and astringent properties, this oil is multipurpose and can be used for varying purposes. The presence and effectiveness of this oil is even referenced in the Bible. In ancient medication it was used for urinary infections, purification, digestive issues and as cough syrup.

Adaptogen Properties

Myrtle oil has adaptogen properties, which means it is a great way to treat any type of hormone imbalance. It can regulate the gland that is responsible for hormone distribution, the thyroid. Those who have issues with an overactive or under active thyroid gland may find some relief by implementing this oil into their regimen. Putting a few drops on their neck and chest will help adapt their system in whichever way is required. Whether the gland is producing too quickly or too slowly, it will adapt accordingly.

Skin Care

It's a great oil to add to your skincare regimen if you suffer from noticeable pores, loose skin or your skin tends to be prone to acne. Myrtle oil is a natural astringent which means that it helps naturally balance out the amount of oil in the skin. It also has a high tannin content which allows the skin to breathe and return to its natural pH. Try incorporating some of the oil into your everyday toner. A few drops will do the trick. Dampen a cotton ball with your toner and on a freshly clean face, apply the liquid. It may feel a bit drying, but that just means it's working. After the toner has set in, moisturize your face as normal.

The properties in myrtle oil are also known to be a natural bronchodilator. It can be used to help those who struggle with coughing, bronchitis and even asthma. It does this by removing built up mucus from the respiratory tract. Its expectorant properties help the lung passageways expand as they should, which allows you to breathe easier and more freely.

The oil itself is gentle enough to use on children and the elderly. Try putting a few drops in a humidifier to cleanse the air and allow the medicine to be breathed naturally into the lungs. This also goes for those pesky coughs that can sometimes linger, even when the rest of your symptoms have disappeared. Adding myrtle oil to your collection will make a huge difference.

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