Massage: The Benefits Are More Than Skin Deep

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Even when you take a deep breath and brace yourself, the daily headlines can be a relentless assault on your psyche. When your mind is constantly bombarded with bad news your body often bears the brunt of it. That's why even when your mind is stressed out, it pays to get physical. 

Massage therapy can administer powerful healing that benefits your mind, emotions, and body. According to the American Massage Therapy Association [AMTA], about 17 percent of adults in America sought the services of a professionally trained massage therapist last year.

And this year, according to the AMTA, the demand has increased to record numbers. From corporate executives to emergency first responders and healthcare professionals, more people are seeking the comfort, solace, and relief of massage therapy to cope the stresses of everyday life.

Swedish massage, which consists of kneading, long strokes; deep tissue massage of muscles and connective tissue; trigger point massage, which closely resembles acupressure - the frequency of each type of therapeutic massage can be beneficial over the short and long term.

Massage can relieve anxiety, headaches, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, and stress-related insomnia. It can lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and oxygenate tense muscles.

With organic oils and creams, a gentle facial massage can help acne, rosacea, and dry skin sufferers. It can stimulate the lymphatic system and detox the skin. It can promote the healing of wounds, revitalize sluggish blood flow, and help to obliterate age spots - all of which can be a boon to both your appearance and your morale.

And of course, a rigorous message by a sports medicine specialist can help professional jocks and weekend warriors recover from tired, overused muscles. In addition to anti-inflammatory drugs, nothing can restore weary muscles after a grueling game or an intense workout like a brisk massage.

To reboot over the short term or to develop new strategies to cope with more long-term challenges, consider joining the other 18 million Americans who turn to massage therapy each week. 

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