Loose Teeth: What Causes Them?

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While we can all agree that oral health care is incredibly important, some do not take it as seriously as they should until it is too late. Additionally, there is a myriad of different ways that our mouths can suffer from lack of proper care and dental hygiene. But not all mouth issues stem from lack of proper oral care. Oddly enough, the ways in which we can suffer, and the subsequent ailments we may incur, span quite a few different areas. When loss of teeth occurs as the result of something other than an accident, it could have potentially been prevented by detailed oral care, or can be a result of something else entirely. 

Those who are suffering from loose teeth may have ignored prior signs that they have a gum condition, which is caused by bacterial biofilm, called periodontal disease. This causes inflammation in the gums and destroys all supporting structures of the teeth, more specifically the bone. The accumulation of plague that must occur for this to take place is plentiful. Little bits of plaque will not likely cause such an issue.

Other Causes

Pregnancy can also cause loose teeth. This is because the high levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone can often cause the bones around the teeth to loosen, which can cause tooth mobility. It is imperative that once any sign of loose teeth is noticed, a dentist is contacted immediately. Quick reaction can be the difference between losing a tooth, or multiple teeth, completely. Dont take that chance.

Another case of loose teeth, that is not directly tied to poor hygiene, is osteoporosis. This is a condition that affects both women and men. It causes the weakening of the bones which can lead to fractures and other problems. It is said that women who suffer from osteoporosis are more than three times more prone to losing teeth from the condition than those who are not. Though the treatment of osteoporosis is fairly common, it is important to inform your dentist if you are taking any medication for the condition.

As mentioned above, sometimes loose teeth can be caused by some sort of accident or traumatic force to the mouth. This can also happen if you grind your teeth significantly, or if you are known to clench your jaw. While teeth are incredibly strong and durable, consider any type of injury to your mouth a reason to see the dentist immediately.

Tooth loss is very serious and, while wed all like to think that we have good habits when it comes to cleaning and tending to our mouths, sometimes our oral care regimen isn't the only thing that will impact the longevity of our pearly whites. Whether its gum disease, pregnancy or osteoporosis, making sure you know exactly what is going on with your teeth is vital. At the first sign of a wiggling or loose tooth, it is imperative that your first order of business is visiting your dentist to confirm the options you have. 

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