When To Have Laser Gum Treatment

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If you have gum disease, it's not something that you want to ignore or hope goes away on its own. The presence of swollen, tender, red or bleeding gums can mean that you are suffering from gum disease or periodontal disease, which is something that affects the gums, teeth and the entire mouth if it isn't treated properly. Typically this disease is the result of poor oral health and hygiene, although other factors can also contribute to its presence. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, this condition tends to plague individuals in their 30s and 40s.

While everyone harbors the bacteria in their mouth that can cause plaque build-up, most of that can be adequately dealt with by regular, thorough brushing and flossing. Be wary of skipping your routine because a build-up of plaque will actually contribute to tarter which can then lead to gum disease - a serious condition that should be dealt with immediately. But is laser gum treatment the way to go if you do have this disease? It would depend on a couple of factors. Speaking to a dentist regarding your options is the best way to start the process of discovering what is right for you.

Thousands of dentists use the assistance of lasers. A LANAP, or a laser-assisted new attachment procedure, implements a laser to help quickly and effectively remove the tarter and diseased tissue from parts of the mouth. It does this first by targeting the tissue through the heat that the laser provides. Then the laser is used an additional time to heat the already targeted area effectively cauterizing the wound. The great thing about this treatment is that the lasers are easily changed via the adjustment settings. So depending on the state of your gums, you will receive a treatment that is appropriate for your level of need.

Treating Gingivitis And Periodontitis

Both gingivitis and periodontitis can be treated by laser gum treatment. If you are experiencing bleeding or inflammation of the gums, you may want to first start with natural methods to increase the level of mouth and gum health you can attain on your own. Always brush twice a day and floss daily. Rinse your mouth after you brush and use bacteria killing, natural mouthwashes to get in between those cracks and crevices that aren't so easily reached with other methods of cleaning.

If you do choose to take part in this procedure, realize that there will be a pre-testing of bacteria involved to determine how severe the case of gum disease is. You will also go through a decontaminating process, the laser treatment itself and then the post treatment that verifies just how effective the laser treatment was. In the event that you have done everything you can at home and your gum situation isn't improving, or you start to experience loose teeth or severe pain, then laser gum treatment is the way to go. 

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