Improve Your Diet Simply And Realistically

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While were all likely indulging in a bit more calories than we do during other times of the year, many of us are making grand plans and promises to ourselves regarding how healthy we will be after the turn of the New Year. Implementing simple changes to help improve what and how we eat may be a better tactic than sticking to a regimented diet that youll likely break because of its restrictions. Improving what we put in our mouths and our bodies may be much simpler than we realize. Listed below are realistic ways to get your nutrition on track and improve your diet.

Portion Control

One of the reasons that so many people struggle with their weight, and why obesity is such an issue in our society, is because of the overabundance of food that we consume. Eating a few bits of pasta isnt going to make you fat. But when you eat a two-serving size of cheesy alfredo, then your caloric intake increases beyond what you should probably be allotted daily. A fist sized portion is a good starting point.

Meal Plan

A huge reason that we end up eating so unhealthily is because we dont plan our meals correctly. So that leads to eating copious amounts of take out and fast food. While many restaurants and fast food chains do have more health conscious options, cooking at home is fundamentally better for you. Planning your meals saves you time and calories. Pick one day a week that you can dedicate an hour or two to figuring out meals. Itll have you eating so much better.

Eat The Rainbow

Generally the unhealthiest foods are void of many different colors and textures. This is because most of the food that is bad for us isnt very colorful. There is an array of fruits and vegetables that are wonderful for you, provide vital nutrients and also taste great. Try to eat different produce of a variety of colors throughout your week. See how many you can manage to incorporate.

Cut The Salt

Sodium consumption is something we struggle with significantly in this country. We gravitate towards foods that have high sodium content. Many savory snacks, whether it be chips, jerky or nuts, are heavily salted. An excess of sodium is linked to increased blood pressure and heart disease. Salt is one of the flavors that we often crave as a type of comfort food but that can often be at the expense of our health. Use less salt when you cook and instead add other, healthier herbs to recipes. When buying already prepared snacks or food items, opt for ones without salt or with less sodium.

Go Vegetarian For A Day

We consume a lot of meat in our society. While meat is the cornerstone for how many of us get our protein, too much of it can be harmful - especially meat that is infused with hormones and preservatives. Grass-fed and hormone-free meat is the best and healthiest for you. But, in light of those types of meat being more difficult to find, eliminating meat one day per week will help you consume more beans, nuts and produce, which have positive health effects and help improve your diet.

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