The High Source Of Minerals In Apricot Kernel Oil

apricot kernel oil high source mineralsMany of the oils that we encourage folks to use on a daily basis are derived from some type of plant, root or fruit. This is essentially because the most healing and beneficial aids to our well being and health can be found in nature. There is no reason that you should be paying an obscene amount of money for products that aren't made with your health in mind. Apricot kernel oil is no different, except that it isn't the fruit itself that makes up this oil; it's actually the seed inside of it. The kernels that can be found in apricots have amazing source minerals and health benefits.

Naturally Rich In Oil

The apricot kernel is a great source of iron, potassium and vitamin B17. The kernel is naturally rich in oil, which makes the deriving process incredibly easy. Most of the oils fat content is monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are both incredibly healthy and good for the skin. What's more is that these healthy fats do end up in the blood stream when absorbed in the skin, which helps the system internally. There is a high content of phenolic compounds found in apricot kernel oil as well. Phenolic compounds are incredibly neutralizing and powerful antioxidants. They have the power to ward of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

Interestingly enough, the vitamin B17 is one of the lesser known, harder to find vitamins out there. It is also called amygdalin in certain instances, but its effects and ability are widespread. Discovered by Dr. Krebs in the 1950s, this compound has amazing anti-cancer qualities. The kernel itself holds one of the highest amounts of vitamin B17 that exists naturally. Another compound found in the kernels is B15. The thing about this vitamin is that it provides an element of instant oxygen and oxygen efficiency to the body. This essentially aids in the detoxification of cells, which includes cells that are cancerous.

Skin Benefits

While apricot kernel oil should not be ingested, this is not the only way that it can get into the body and assist with health. Using this oil on the skin will still give you the positive healing and health benefits. The skin has the ability to naturally absorb whatever it comes into contact with directly. So that means that all the oils you put on your skin on a daily basis do seep into your blood stream and those nutrients do help your system internally.

Face Moisturizer

Apricot kernel oil can be used in a myriad of different ways. Often used as a massage oil, it can also be used on the face as a light moisturizer. Being that it is one of the more thin oils, it doesn't leave a harsh, greasy look to things. The oil can also be used on the hair, scalp and anywhere dry patches are a problem. Incredibly moisturizing and nourishing, apricot kernel oil will leave your skin feeling soft and silky, while also packing an incredibly worthwhile nutritious punch.

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