Health Benefits Of Benzoin Resin Essential Oil

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From a tree located in Vietnam and Laos, the element styrax benzoin is found. It also grows in other Asian countries. Traditionally a very tall tree, it can reach to heights upwards of 60 or more feet. The essential oil benzoin resin has been used historically for many different healing aids and even in divine religious practices.

It has a very sweet smelling aroma that easily evokes the memories of a summer's day. With hints of vanilla throughout the notes, it has even been used as a perfume in certain cultures. The resin is always cleaned and is also available in powdered form. This oil is an extraordinary tool to rectify skin issues, alleviate stress and even help to aid respiratory struggles. Here's the most beneficial ways that the oil can be used.

Antidepressant And Relaxation Aid

This oil naturally lifts your mood and can even raise your spirits. It is actually included in some candles and incense sticks because of its ability to provide ease to the nervous system simply through smell. There are molecules within the oil that affect the neurotransmitters in the brain that help to calm us and provide a level of peace that those with depression and anxiety often lack. If you are prone to stress or tension, this is the perfect oil to keep on hand. You can use it in a diffuser or even by dabbing some oil on your wrists when you're in a rush.


More and more people are becoming aware of how harmful certain skincare and hygiene products may be because of toxic ingredients. Due to this, many have opted for natural ways to take care of their body and hygiene. This oil's natural pleasant fragrance makes it a great neutralizer for odors. It can be mixed with massage oils and even a bit of baking soda to not only provide a positive aroma, but also eradicate unpleasant odors that are caused by sweating.


This is a great aid to the skin as many deal with specific skin conditions that result in irritated or inflamed skin. Conditions like eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis leave skin feeling itchy, flaky and rough to the touch. Skin can also get incredibly red from these issues. Even skin that is simply sensitive would greatly benefit from the incorporation of this oil into daily skin care practices. Adding a couple of drops to a carrier oil and treating your affected skin with it once a day will help the appearance of any redness or affected skin.

Respiratory Aid

If you deal with coughs or congestion on a regular basis, this oil can help to provide you with relief. It helps to open up the airway passages and gives the lungs the ability to take deeper, more measured breaths.

You can also use it as a massage oil. Apply it directly to your chest or you can use a few drops in a humidifier or diffuser and allow it to fill the air. This is especially helpful during cold and flu season, or when seasonal allergies hit. 

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