Grapefruit Oil And How It Helps

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One of the most pleasant smelling essential oils, grapefruit oil can be used for so many things other than freshening up a room. While the benefits the fruit has for those who are trying to lose weight have been well documented, the highly concentrated oil is making a specific resurgence in healthy circles because of its multi-faceted uses and its effectiveness.

The essential oil is extracted from the citrus paradisi grapefruit plant. Known predominately for its ability to help lessen inflammation, stop sugar cravings, stop weight gain and curb hangover symptoms, it has specific anti stress, anti-inflammatory, and anticarinogenic properties that have helped change many lives.

Beneficial Compounds

Grapefruit oil actually comes from the peel of the fruit, rather than the nectar itself. This is because the rind holds a whole host of beneficial compounds that the body can benefit from. The taste of the oil is almost identical to that of the fruit with just a hint of bitterness. The oil has been regarded as positively affecting a whole host of aspects of health. It has cleansing abilities in the body, can stimulate the immune system, helps to eliminate and lessen disease causing inflammation, is a natural remedy for arthritis, and positively impacts respiratory and throat issues. Also, the oil can positively benefit the skin if added to your skincare regimen.

Because of its anti-fungal abilities, grapefruit oil is effectively able to diminish the amount of bacteria and yeast that is found in the gut that can cause weight gain, food cravings and certain illnesses. Research claims that the components within grapefruit oil eliminates candida, which can also directly affect things like urinary tract infections and yeast infections. There's no need to pollute your system with antibacterial drugs when there is a natural answer that targets the problem as effectively.

Circulation Booster

Grapefruit oil is also a great way to boost circulation. If you have specific parts of your body that suffer from bloating, inflammation and pain, try grapefruit oil and see if you don't see an immediate improvement. It helps by directly increasing blood flow to the problem area. The oil will then dilate blood vessels which makes it easier for blood to get to every area of the body. It will also help to relieve the pain that is caused by bloating, headaches, cramps and fatigue. Its also a great staple to keep in your cabinet for those tough muscles that give you the blues.

Lastly, grapefruit oil is one of the best essential oils that you can use on your face. It helps to actively fight bacteria that can cause and make acne hard to manage. If you have overly oily or greasy skin, you are naturally more susceptible to breakouts and blemishes. The naturally acidic attributes of the grapefruit oil can actually diminish the oil in the skin and lessen the chance of breakouts. The oil also protects the skin from UV light damage and the free radicals that can negatively affect skin after a certain amount of exposure. The oil also has the ability to heal cuts and wounds with its antibacterial components. Use this oil as a salve for minor nicks and cuts.

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