Costus Root Essential Oil: A Natural Health Aid

costus rootCostus root oil is often known by its more popular name - mu xiang oil. It is from a botanical plant called Saussurea lappa, which is native to the Himalayan highlands. Naturally, the oil smells very woodsy and grainy. Its color is a light brown or yellow with an almost viscous consistency. Costus root oil has many different attributes that allows it to be a great essential oil to have in your collection. Listed below are all the ways in which costus root essential oil can be a natural health aid.

Expectorant And Stimulant

This essential oil is wonderful at aiding the immune system. It does this by strengthening the immune system and making it more able to ward off bad germs, bacteria and infections. It's also a great essential oil to have in your arsenal if you deal with chronic coughs or asthma. Try sleeping with a humidifier, which helps to naturally provide more moisture in the air. The oil's fumes will get sucked into your respiratory system and make it easier to breathe after a period of time.

Digestive Aid

Food-grade costus root oil can be used as a great way to help clean out the digestive tract and promote good digestion. Sometimes due to poor diet, stress and busy schedules, our digestive tracts get bogged down and it becomes increasingly difficult to become and stay regular. Just a couple of drops in warm tea will help your digestive tract start to function as it's supposed to. Make sure you opt for the best food-grade costus root oil you can find and only start with a small amount of the oil, as using too much can potentially give you runny or loose stool.

Skin Care Staple

There are a few essential oils that should have a permanent place in your skin care regimen and this is definitely one of them. The first thing that costus root essential oil does is provide a way to halt the aging process. It has the ability to fight free radicals, which is one of the main reasons we start to see loose skin, lines and age spots. This oil has the ability to curb this phenomenon by reducing the amount of exposure the skin gets to free radicals. It's also a great aid for skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and dandruff. While it helps to provide the affected skin with the natural moisture it is often lacking, it also helps to heal the inflamed areas of skin.


This oil has natural healing properties and as such can be used as an organic ointment that can be put on cuts, scraps, and scratches. This also includes things like ingrown toenails, scabs and bug bites. The antibiotic components will stop infections and bacteria from growing and spreading from these smaller open wounds. It's important to treat these types of injuries immediately, no matter how small they may be - especially because an infection can start in the tiniest of places and grow into something incredibly dangerous that is much harder to control.

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