Coffee Flour: What Are The Health Benefits?

coffee flourHave you ever heard of the parabaked coffee bean? Its a relatively new invention created by nutritionist K.C. Hayes and biophysicist Dan Perlman the originators of the healthy fats blend found in Smart Balance buttery spreads.

This time around the duo has come up with a method of roasting green coffee beans to produce a flour milled from parabaked beans to enhance the health benefits of coffee. This new product works as a nutritional supplement and a food ingredient.

Coffee Benefits

In coffees favor, a recent Harvard study discovered that people who drank three to five cups of coffee per day had a 15 percent lower chance, as compared to non-drinkers, of dying prematurely.

Another finding reveals that coffee contains a natural antioxidant chemical compound chlorogenic acid or CGA - that is believed to be beneficial in controlling blood pressure, modulating sugar metabolism and possibly treating cancer and heart disease.

On the downside, when coffee is roasted above 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes, its CGA content drops dramatically a decrease from 50 to nearly 100 percent according to one study.


So Hayes and Perlman set out to see what would happen if the coffee bean was baked at a lower temperature for less time. By parabaking the beans at 300 degrees for 10 minutes they discovered that the concentration of CGA in the bean barely dropped.

While the parabaked coffee bean cannot be used to make coffee because it is not roasted long enough to develop flavor, the bean can be cryogenically milled for a wheat-colored flour that tastes mild, nutty and pleasant. This flour can be blended with regular flours for baking and can also be used in snack bars, cereals, soups, juices and nutritional drinks. It is also possible to blend the parabaked beans with regularly roasted ones to make up for the CGA that is lost during traditional coffee roasting.

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