Coconut Oil And Gum Disease

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Maintaining the proper level of oral health is crucial to not just your mouth but your overall health as well. When you ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your teeth and gums - through diligent and purposeful flossing, brushing and rinsing - you are saving yourself from a potential issue and from money going down the drain. However, the standard way to care for your teeth is shifting and getting a bit of a makeover. While the standard practices are still necessary, there are newer ways you can protect the health of your mouth and gums. 

Coconut oil has recently been shown to have amazing effects on the teeth and gums. When used in a specific practice called oil pulling, it can increase the health of the mouth extensively. Oil pulling is basically when you use coconut oil as a mouthwash. Just a small amount of the coconut oil in the mouth, swished around, has been used by countless cultures over the course of decades. It is an incredibly common practice in India. By using just a tablespoon of coconut oil, you can completely improve the health of your mouth.

Oil Pulling

The reason this works so effectively is because the bacteria that often gets left in your mouth, even after brushing and flossing can cause damage over time. Coconut oil safely and effectively eliminates the remaining bacteria. Due to the amount of bacteria that covers your mouth, your mouth is always at risk for developing things like yellow teeth, cavities, bad breath and gingivitis. By oil pulling, you are managing to trap the bacteria in the mouth and effectively dissolve it.

A huge amount of plaque and bacteria is eliminated each time you use this method. Some people have even replaced this practice with their ordinary mouth rinsing one. They find that they have much better results after doing this once a day for a couple of weeks then they ever had with standard mouthwash. So try this if you are interested in ways to combat gum disease or to prevent it entirely. Any type of gum disease is precipitated by the presence of bacteria in the mouth. When oral health practices aren't up to par, the teeth and gums become susceptible to the damage the plaque can do.

Having ways to positively impact your oral health is essential to the reduction of disease and various issues. While this oil pulling method does actually work regardless of the oil that is used, using coconut oil provides additional health benefits. It is full of lauric acid, which is a proven antimicrobial. This means that it effectively helps to eliminate any type of virus or bacteria that may build and grow in the mouth. Oil pulling can effectively whiten teeth, help prevent cavities and protect the gums from tarter, plaque and gum disease. Coconut oil is also pleasant tasting compared to some of the other oils that can be used for this practice. Try this for a week and you'll most certainly notice the difference in your mouth's health.

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