What Causes Dry Mouth?

The official medical name for having a dry mouth is xerostomia. Xerostomia can be a symptom of medical conditions and sometimes it can be a result of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Having a perpetually dry mouth is one of the more annoying things to experience, especially if you are suffering from one without knowing the cause.

There are various signs and symptoms that can accompany dry mouth. Cracked lips, being unable to fully taste food, inflammation of lips, increased thirst, tooth decay, or inflamed tongue. Dry mouth is due to lack of saliva and the inability for the saliva glands to produce the amount of moisture necessary. It is often referred to by varying names such as dough-mouth, cottonmouth, or pasties. This ailment is not only troublesome but also can come with other difficulties like increased cavities, bad breath and trouble eating or speaking. You're also more susceptible to infections of the mouth, such as thrush.

Sometimes dry mouth is a result of something benign like stress or being frightened, but chronic dry mouth is usually due to something more specific. Many people make the mistake of thinking that dry mouth is a normal part of aging, but it isn't. One of the reasons that dry mouth is often suffered by those who are older is because of certain aspects that can lead to this symptom.

Here are some causes of dry mouth:


There are specific ways that medication can influence the ways in which your body processes and computes certain mechanisms. Certain prescriptions can cause dry mouth - things like antihistamines, hypertension medications, muscle relaxants and specific antidepressants. While certain side effects of medication can be slight, sometimes they become increasingly difficult to deal with. Luckily, dry mouth can be dealt with pretty easily.


Though age is not a direct factor, the reason why more people of a certain age do suffer from dry mouth is because they are more likely to take specific medications that may cause this side effect. A great number of medications that are routinely prescribed to senior citizens have been known to cause dry mouth.


It's no secret that consuming or using tobacco products is increasingly bad for your health. One of the ways that it can negatively affect you is by causing dry mouth symptoms. Although suffering from dry mouth is one of the less serious symptoms that can be associated with smoking or chewing tobacco, it's still important that you really get serious about quitting.


This may sound super simple but so many people don't realize that they don't consume enough liquids - namely water. If you aren't consuming at least half of your body weight in ounces of water every single day, you aren't drinking enough. When you are properly hydrated, your saliva glands work as they should by producing adequate levels of saliva. When you are thirsty or parched, your natural ability to moisten your mouth is decreased. Drink sufficient amounts of water to prevent this issue from occurring.

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