Benefits Of Cajeput Essential Oil

cajeput oilThere are several essential oils that many people are somewhat familiar with. Contrarily, there are some that are relatively unknown that are deeply effective and healing. Cajeput essential oil is derived from distilled leaves and branches of the cajeput tree. This tree is native to Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia. The essential oil itself does resemble tea tree oil, as the cajeput tree is in the exact same family as the tree that derives tea tree oil. So it is no wonder that the oil is similar in smell and consistency. However, the health benefits that each oil provides is a bit different.

Fights Infections

There are a number of oils that help to clean wounds and cuts from bacteria that can easily access it. Cajeput oil can be used to help fight already transmitted infections of the skin, or help to prevent them from occurring in the first place. It has historically been used to prevent tetanus in cuts that were inflicted by rusty iron. It is also known to be notably effective in protecting some from the influenza virus, and from infectious diseases like typhoid and cholera.


If you, or someone you know, suffers from chronic allergies, a head cold or cough, this is a great oil to use because of its respiratory qualities. Cajeput oil soothes respiratory inflammation that is often occupied by pharyngitis, laryngitis and bronchitis. Just a small amount of cajeput oil in a humidifier will yield an easy breathing experience for the lungs. Congestion should naturally dissipate after several deep breaths of the oil.

Pain Reliever

Because this oil is analgesic in nature, it makes a perfect pain reliever. It can be applied both internally and locally to help alleviate certain pain that is felt. Whether it be joint pain, nerve pain or some other form, rubbing the afflicted area with a few drops of cajeput oil will help the pain to dissipate and lessen as the oil seeps into the skin. Rubbing a bit at the temple points of the head is a great way to lessen the pain felt by a headache.

Fever Reducer

The same components of the oil that make it a great infection fighter also make it a fantastic aid for bringing fevers down. It fights off your body temperature that rises when an infection has grabbed ahold of your system. It also increases the process of sweating out the fever by stimulating your sweat glands which helps to cool down your body.


If you have naturally oily or acne-prone skin, adding this oil to your skincare regimen is definitely a great idea. The antibacterial properties of this essential oil will help to both treat blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. Cajeput essential oil is also used as an ingredient in many commercial cosmetics because of its ability to give skin a natural glow and help eliminate pimples. Try adding this oil to your natural toner or use a couple of drops by itself for improved skin.

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