Bad Breath Causes There Are Several Culprits

bad breath causesTheres nothing worse than speaking to someone within close proximity and realizing that their breath smells like something crawled into the back of their throat and died. Some have less than savory oral hygiene practices, which is what accounts for the terrible odor that comes out every time they open their mouths - while others have more intrinsic bad breath causes that they suffer from. The medical term for the existence of bad breath is halitosis. While many people dont experience perpetually fresh breath, some struggle constantly ingesting mints and chewing gum to mask the bad odor of their own breath.

The first culprit to investigate is that of daily oral hygiene practices. Brushing twice daily, gargling with bacteria-killing mouthwash and flossing will help get rid of the food particles that hang around. When mixed with the other older bacteria in the mouth, they combine and cause a putrid odor. Even though most people would claim they do brush their teeth on a regular basis, they may be forgetting a key element in that hygiene practice that they are inadvertently missing. Brushing the tongue is equally important, especially the back of the tongue which can sometimes be really difficult to reach without gag reflexes kicking in. Small food particles can get stuck on the back of the tongue and create a repugnant smell.

Another cause of bad breath is specific dietary choices. Many dont realize that the food we eat must be broken down and then digested into our system. This doesnt just include the stomach. What we eat and put into our mouths affects many aspects of our health, breath included. Whatever we eat eventually gets absorbed into our bloodstream, which affects the way our breath smells when we breathe.

Bad breath can also be a symptom of a greater problem. Those who suffer from dry mouth often also suffer from bad breath. This can be a sign of a more serious health concern. Gingivitis and gum disease occur when the gums get infected and too much plaque builds and compounds around the base of the teeth. If this type of ailment goes untreated it can greatly affect both the gums and the jaw for a long period of time. Oral health is of paramount importance and the daily oral care practices that dentists give, should be completed consistently or there can be heavy consequences to pay.

The next suggestion should go without saying, but some people like to hold tightly to their vices. Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco will invariably cause issues with bad breath. The chemicals and additives present in tobacco products are so strong that the smell lingers on fingers, clothes and in hair. It makes sense that it would make the mouth smell like a garbage can inside of a bonfire. So shake the bad oral fixation and improve your health.

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