Avocado Oil: Is It The Next Big Thing?

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We've previously gone over the ways in which avocado is incredibly beneficial and helpful for the body. But what many don't know is that there is an essential oil, derived from the avocado fruit, that is just on the brink of taking the nutritional and health world by storm. Avocado oil has a preponderance of uses and benefits that span many different categories. Each will be examined and dissected below. The hope is that you come away from this information with a greater sense of how avocado oil can be used and potentially change your health in a plethora of different ways. 

Skin Fortifying

The skin craves specific nutrients on its quest to generate stronger cells and maintain equanimity. Elements such as lecithin, potassium and vitamin E are crucial to the cellular development of the skin. These three ingredients are imperative to many skin care products on the market today. The great thing about avocado oil is that it contains all three of these things in very high levels. It is absorbed easily by the outer layer of the skin, penetrates and provides the skin with the necessary means of fortification. This oil boosts skin's resistance and overall look and feel.

Hair Wonder

One of the magical things about avocado oil is that it really is multifaceted. It can be used in so many different ways and it has an effectiveness that is virtually unmatched by other options. The very same nutrients that the skin craves and thrives off of are inherently beneficial and equally important for the hair. The incorporation of avocado oil into hair care regimens will have hair looking fuller and even aid it in its growth. Avocado oil can be used on the scalp to aid in follicle health, or even on the strands to promote strength and a renewed luster and shine.

Rich Nutrient Source

One of the great things about avocado oil is that it can be used in the place of the naturally nutrient-rich fruit, with the very same benefits and positive effects. Depending on location and whether or not avocados are in season, they can sometimes be very hard or expensive to obtain. They also have the propensity to go bad very quickly. The oil form eliminates that problem completely. The healthy fatty acids that are present in the oil contain monounsaturated oleic acid, which has been known to lower the risk of developing some cancers, preventing autoimmune flare ups, wound healing and even cell regeneration.

Heart Healthy

Avocado oil can be used the same way many traditional oils, such as olive oil, canola oil, or coconut oil. What's different about this oil though is the myriad of positive elements that are attributed to it. One of the biggest is that it has heart healthy benefits. Due to its high concentration of beta-sitosterol, which our bodies create to convert unhealthy fats into more viable, less harmful agents to our cells, it is recommended. This helps in preventing the damage that negative and bad cholesterol can potentially do to your arterial walls. It is also known to be good at keeping blood pressure from elevating, as it's a natural anti-inflammatory.

Helps Digestion

Sometimes trouble with digestion can affect you in multiple arenas. Whether it is with constant heartburn, bloating or perpetual gas, sluggish and slow digestion can cause many irritating, unsavory symptoms. The great thing about avocado oil is that the monounsaturated acids present in the oil allows the tract that is used exclusively for digestion to break food down at a faster rate. This allows digestion to be a fuller process, eliminating those troublesome tummy troubles. You must incorporate the avocado oil into your diet on a consistent basis to see this type of effect as it won't work overnight.

Aid Weight Loss

The high levels of oleic acid, with its digestive qualities, are great for those who want to slim down. Avocado oil is great to cook with and also can be used to make great condiments like dips or savory salad dressings. These are so full of flavor you may think they aren't supposed to be eaten with a specific diet plan. But the great part is that avocado oil is so packed with nutrients and healthy fats that most eating plans will encourage its consumption. Luckily, this oil has a rate of absorption that is naturally high, which allows for the other nutritious food that you are consuming to get in your system at a faster rate, prolonging and increasing energy levels and stamina.

Curbs Inflammation

As a natural anti-inflammatory aid, avocado oil can be used on a great many skin conditions to provide relief. Skin irritations like eczema, dandruff, sunburn, insect bites and psoriasis can be soothed by the wonderful properties of avocado oil. It's important to coat the problem areas as completely as possible. Avocado oil is naturally thick so spreading a thin layer on the affected area is suggested. For ailments such as dandruff or a dry irritated scalp, parting the hair in sections and oiling the scalp, before washing your hair will have your dandruff eliminated in just a few sessions. For those who suffer from other skin issues, make sure to try the avocado oil on a small patch of skin before using it on bigger areas to ensure you do not have an adverse reaction as a result of an allergy.

There are an unimaginable amount of uses for avocado oil. It's almost hard to keep track of them all. Some proponents of the oil believe that it will soon overtake coconut oil as the go to cooking oil because of its positive properties and its health benefits. Gone are the days where we used terrible oils for cooking that are latent with saturated fats that lead to the clogging of arteries and terrible health problems. With more and more research being done and access to the information, oils like avocado oil, are coming to the forefront of the discussion as worthy and even healthy alternatives. How they work topically is only the beginning.

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