Key Benefits Of Marigold Oil

Flowers aren't just something that look nice and smell pretty. In fact, flowers have some components that provide powerful benefits. Not just the seeds or the weeds attached to the flowers but the blossoms and blooms themselves. This is the case with marigold oil.

Its botanical name is calendula officinalis and is a gorgeous yellow and orange hue. The flower is native to parts of the Mediterranean and Egypt. It typically blooms in these areas during the warmer times of year. During late May to mid-October the temperature is perfect for marigold harvesting. Here are some of the key benefits the oil provides.

Skin Healer

Skin irritation can be incredibly cumbersome and difficult to deal with. Your skin may react poorly to acne, sunburns, bites or other troublesome conditions. Dealing with rashes, irritations, and other skin issues can sometimes be incredibly difficult to navigate. Marigold oil provides the skin with a great amount of soothing properties that help to mitigate and eliminate swelling, redness and skin reactions. Marigold oil is so great for the skin because it helps to return it to its natural, unirritated state.

Fungal Eliminator

Because of the anti-fungal properties of this oil, it can be used to eliminate issues related to things like candida, infections of the skin, mouth, eyes or feet. It can also be used to treat things like hemorrhoids. You can add a few drops of marigold oil to the carrier oil jojoba or coconut and treat the fungal issues. The oil is gentle enough to use on various parts of the body.

Natural Antiseptic

When you have a certain bacterial infection, or a wound that you need to properly clean, you should absolutely turn to marigold oil as a great option - specifically if you are prone to ear infections. Using a mere drop of marigold oil in the ear canal will help to decrease the irritation you feel, as well as help the infection clear up. It is also great for vaginal infections or jock itch because of its anti-fungal properties. It will help to decrease symptoms like itchiness, burning and discomfort.

Eases Cramps

If you suffer from muscle spasms, you often deal with those aches and pains associated with being active or exercising regularly. While this is a sign of you working incredibly hard for your physical fitness, it can also be incredibly disconcerting. Due to the antispasmodic properties of the oil, it is helpful in lowering the inflammatory responses of the body and improving the blood flow in that specific area. If you deal with muscle cramps in your legs or arms from not stretching properly, you'll definitely want to keep some of this oil on hand.

Natural Bug Repellent

Interestingly enough, bugs hate this oil. Certain plants never have creepy crawlers on them because they naturally repel insects. That is the case with this oil. Add a couple of drops in some water and spray the mixture around your baseboards and window sills to ensure you keep those little buggers out of your space.

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