Great Ways To Fight And Prevent Gum Disease

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Since the human mouth is home to millions of different types of bacteria and each is responsible for a different gum disease, treatment and prevention depends upon the type of bacteria responsible for causing that disease. However, there are some common preventative measures that will protect your gums from any type of bacterial attack. Here are some of the most effective tips to save your patients taste buds from unbearably bitter antibiotics, and scary dental equipment.

Brushing Technique

First and foremost is the brushing technique. All of us brush our teeth at least twice a day, but most of us dont do it in the right manner. The internet features lots of videos on proper brushing techniques, the most important of which is to place your toothbrush at 45-degreeangleand move it in elliptical motion. Back and forth movement of the brush results in receding gums.

Brushing Time

Most of us feel very lazy when it comes to brushing teeth at bed time. This is the main cause for the formation of cavities. When you are asleep, the level of saliva in your mouth becomes low which makes it easy for cavity-causing bacteria to attack and create cavities.

Preventive Measures From Different Experts

Dental tips and treatments are a subject of serious debate in the medical society. Different professionals hold different opinions in compliance with their field of specialization.

Integrative Nutritionist

An integrative nutritionist says that gum diseases reflect an unhealthy diet and a weak immune system. Tips given by such professionals are all based on the consumption of nutritional supplements. Here are some of the preventive measures proposed by an integrative nutritionist.

    • A plant based diet is the best treatment for inflamed gums. This type of diet includes a prescribed intake of zinc, selenium, vitamins, folic acid and copper, that strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation.

    • The antiviral properties of mushrooms, green tea and garlic fight against the bacteria and protects against dental infections.

    • Increase consumption of turmeric, cumin, ginger and foods that are high in antioxidants. These natural products soothe the inflammation and swollen gums.

Biological Dentist

According to a biological dentist, the best precaution from gum disease is to brush, floss and scrape the tongue twice a day. He also recommends bi-annual dentist visits and teeth scaling. A holistic dentist gives high priority to the strengthening of the immune system through acupuncture, vegetarian diet and supplements like cod liver oil soft gels, calcium and vitamins. A strong immune system protects the gums from bacterial infections.


Herbalists and nutritionists are alike in many ways as they also attribute gum diseases to the lack of herbs and minerals in the human body. If you are suffering from periodontitis, the only advice you will receive from a herbalist would to be to brush and gargle with herbal products.

Summing up, no matter which you prefer - nutritionist or a holistic dentist - proper brushing and timely flossing is recommended by all of them. It is up to you now, whether you go with the preventive measures or wait for your gums to demand a professional dental treatment.

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