Basics Of Baby Nutrition: Things You Should Know

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Written By Camila Merashi / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Proper nutrition from infancy is crucial in cementing long-term eating habits that will ensure your child’s wellbeing. When your little one gets the right nutrients, they will grow up and achieve their best potential. Unfortunately, some parents don’t know what they should do with regards to feeding their kids. They fail to understand that eating right is more than clearing the plate. Here are fantastic baby nutrition tips you may follow.

  1. Breastfeed for six months where possible

Breast milk is ideal for infants, and you should consider giving it to your child for as long as you can. It contains all the nutrients that infants require, yet it is free. There are tons of enzymes, antimicrobial compounds, and antibodies in breast milk that your child will enjoy. Breastfeeding ensures that your child grows properly and manages to fight off all kinds of infections. If you cannot breastfeed your baby, don’t feel guilty. Give your infant formula, because it also works out fine.

  1. Look out for cues

Many newborns require between eight and 10 feedings daily. You may feed them every two to three hours. Check for signs that they are ready to eat, such as sucking fingers, moving hands to the mouth, and lip-smacking. By the time a child cries, they are usually pretty hungry. The sooner you start the feeding session, the lower the chances of your baby getting frantic. As your little one gets older, they might need more milk during the feeding sessions.

  1. Offer solid foods at six months

Many parents don’t know when to start baby food. Although every baby is unique and every parent’s journey is different, it’s a good idea to wait until your child is six months. Introducing solid food before then isn’t advisable. Make sure that the food you give your baby contains all the necessary nutrients. It’s a good idea to start with whole grain before fruits. If you do it the other way around, they will assume that all foods are sweet.  

  1. Trust your instincts

You could be worried that your child isn’t eating enough food. Such insecurities usually spring from watching the behavior of other kids and assuming that yours should follow suit. Unfortunately, it isn’t a matter of one-size-fits-all, and every newborn behaves uniquely. Quit focusing on quantity and instead look out for contentment after feeding and whether they are gaining weight steadily. Talk to a pediatrician if your toddler doesn’t gain weight.

  1. Make it yourself

Making your food is inexpensive, easy, and best for your newborn. A food processor or small blender is sufficient to kick off the feeding journey. The food choices might be limited at the onset, but with time, you can extend the options. You need to balance what you feed your child, and this is best achieved when you prepare the meals. Mash or blend the food properly to avoid giving them large chunks that might choke them.

  1. Each feeding time is the perfect bonding time

Hold your toddler close to you when feeding them. Look him or her in the eye. Talk to them in a gentle voice. Every feeding time is an opportunity to expand your child’s sense of comfort, trust, and security.

  1. Expect variations

Appreciate that babies’ feeding needs vary as they grow. During growth spurts, they will want to take more. The frequency of feeding is also crucial. Respond to the early signs of hunger rather than following feeding routines.

If you ever have difficulty lactating or introducing foods, don’t suffer alone. Share your struggles with experts. Eventually, things will get better, and your baby will get all the necessary nutrients.

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