What Is A Dika Nut?

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One of the more unique and unknown oils comes from a nut or seed just as commonly unheard of. This unfamiliar nut is called a dika nut. It is most commonly referred to as African mango seed. The reason it's called dika in certain circumstances is that the seeds that come from African mangos actually go by many different names, depending on region, common practice and so on. This seed is incredibly beneficial for many different ailments and is such a cultural staple in certain parts of the world that it is used as a common ingredient in stews and soups. Here are the benefits of dika nut oil.

It's A Pain Reliever

There are properties within the dika nut that lends to its naturally analgesic components. This means that it helps to relieve pain. If you deal with a condition that has you in various states of pain, you may want to have some dika nut oil on hand. There are ethanol extracts within the nut that allow it to relieve various levels of pain. Whether you suffer from arthritic pain or a tooth ache, applying this oil on the painful area will help to mitigate the amount of pain that is felt. Just a drop or two will do as this oil is strong. Try mixing it with some coconut oil or avocado oil.


Bacterial infections are pesky irritants and can often lead to other issues down the line. Ensuring that your body is healthy from the outside in and vice versa, will help to ward off any further health concerns or complications. If you suffer from skin rashes, athlete's foot or any other type of infection, you will find that this oil works wonders in helping rid your skin and body of the issue. Apply a mixture of dika nut oil and jojoba onto the problem area at least twice a day and watch it start to clear up in a matter of days.

Improves Skin Conditions

If you, or anyone you know, suffers from psoriasis or eczema, it can be a very debilitating skin issue to deal with. The clusters of affected skin can be very difficult to manage. Not only are they uncomfortable and itchy, but can be the cause of increased self consciousness. Other people may see the skin legions and not know what they are. The understanding of these skin conditions is minimal and many have assumed it's something contagious. This can be a very anxiety provoking condition to deal with. Dika nut oil has been known to treat skin that is dry and scaly, two of the most common symptoms of these skin conditions.

Eases Constipation

Digestive issues are not fun to deal with. There are few things more uncomfortable than not being able to go to the bathroom. Because of the rich source of fiber within the dika nut, it has been shown to assist in improving bowel movement functioning. 

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