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Brazil nuts are incredibly rich in nutrients and can be incorporated into a healthy diet easily. Due to the size of the nuts, a few go a long way as a great source of fiber and will help you to feel full for a longer period of time. However, consuming this nut isn't what we're going to explore today. As is the case with many different varieties in the nut family, brazil nuts come in oil form. While brazil nut oil can be used in a whole host of ways, the way that it improves your skin should be highlighted. Here are some of the ways.

Gives You A Glow

Oftentimes when you use a certain set of products, your skin will start to get used to the ingredients and major improvements or changes are harder to visibly see. Due to the natural components of brazil nut oil, it helps to jumpstart your skin by actually feeding it vitamins and natural elements it so desperately needs. The selenium that is present in brazil nut oil helps to increase the speed of cell turnover. This means that your skin will start to renew and replace cells much quicker. This will also improve the elasticity of your skin which helps it to retain that youthful, supple finish.

Fight Skin Cancer

This is a big benefit because so many worry about their skin cancer risks. Especially because many of us love sunny days and a little extra color in the skin. Well thankfully, brazil nut oil can help prevent those harmful UV rays from doing damage to the skin. Due to the amount of selenium in brazil nut oil the skin will enjoy an extra barrier of protection against the sun. A study has shown that those who have insufficient amounts of selenium are more likely to suffer from skin cancer. Applying the brazil nut oil directly to the skin is a sufficient method of obtaining this necessary vitamin as the skin absorbs it.

Treats Acne

Suffering from blemishes and spots can be one of the most taxing issues you can face with your skin. Whether you deal from hormonal acne or chronic acne, it can feel like an endless battle trying to get your face into a zen state where it stops horrendously breaking out. Brazil nut oil is also high in the mineral zinc which not only helps to treat acne but also reduces the inflammation that often accompanies the breakouts themselves. This is especially true for those who deal with cystic acne.

Great Moisturizer

If you deal with dry skin, you know how important it is to properly moisturize your skin on a consistent basis. When you allow your skin to be very dry, you not only run the risk of developing other skin issues or increased sensitivity but you tend to age much quicker. No one wants that. A couple drops of this oil is a great way to coat your skin with a thin layer of moisture that's not only protective but non greasy. 

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